How to Setup and Fish a Carolina Rig

Tim breaks down everything you need to know about rigging a carolina rig. He covers the rods, reels, terminal tackle, as well as the actual rigging of the leader and baits.
After last month’s video on Summer Worm Fishing (see it here… we got a ton of requests for a video on Carolina Rigs.

Carolina Rig Baits we recommend…

Mann’s Jelly Worm 12″‘:
Zoom Ol’ Monster Worm 10.5″:
Uptons Custom 13″ worm:
Zoom Brush Hog:
Keitech Crazy Flapper:
Big Bite Baits Kriet Lizard:

Carolina Rig Components…

Strike King 3/4 oz Tungsten Weight:
River2Sea 1 oz Tungsten Weight:
Spro Power Swivel Size 2:
Gamakatsu EWG Superline Hook:
Decoy KG Hook:
PegX Bobber Stop:
Paycheck Baits Bobber Stop:

Finesse Carolina Rig Components…

Strike King 3/8-1/2 oz Tungsten:
Spro Power Swivel:
Trokar 2/0 Worm Hook:

Carolina Rigging Combo…

Rod-Dobyns Champion Extreme 795 Flip:
Rod-804C Carolina Rig:
Reel-Curado 200:
Line- 50 lb Sufix 832 Braid:
Leader- 15 lb AbrazX Fluorocarbon:

Finesse Carolina Rig Combo…

Rod-Dobyns Champion 764C:
Reel-Shimano Curado 200:
Line- 30 lb Sufix 832 Braided Line:
Leader- 12 lb AbrazX Fluorocarbon:

The Carolina Rig is a deadly way to rig a worm for summer bass fishing. When the fish are on deep structure, offshore ledges, and other open areas you’d be hard pressed to beat it. Its also a great option for dock fishing when the bass move into the midday shadows.
The idea behind the rig is to suspend a weight (preferably a tungsten worm weight) 2-4 feet up the line from the hook. This allows the bait to float above the cover without the weight holding it to the bottom. When the largemouth picks up the worm it won’t immediately feel the weight and will usually hold on to the worm much longer than with other rigs like the dropshot, texas rigged worm, shaky head, etc.
Carolina rigged worms can also be adapted for finesse fishing by changing to a lighter worm weight, light leader line, and a 1/0 to 2/0 worm hook. When using a light rig you can change to a baby brush hog, 4″ worm, small grub, or other finesse bait to catch bass when they will eat little else.

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