How To Tune A Crankbait to Catch More Fish | Bass Fishing

Hey, folks, Glenn May here with BassResource. com,
and today I want to give you a quick tip oncrankbaits. You know a lot of times when you
get your crankbait right out of the box, itwill sometimes run sideways on you. It will
just lean to the side and it will take offto one direction or another, or if you’ve
been fishing for a while, you’ve been hittingrocks and that sort of thing, sometimes it
will stop tracking true and it will startgoing off to one side. So here’s a quick way
to fix that. What you want to do here is you see the line
tie right there, that’s what you want to focuson. Now on a bill like this where the line
tie is right on the bill itself, what youwant to do is you want to grab a pair of needle
nose pliers, like this, grab a hold of thateye, that line tie. What you want to do is
you want to bend it either one way or theother. So if this, for example, this bait
is going off to the left on you, then graba hold of that line tie and bend it just a
little bit over to the right. It doesn’t takemuch work. It really doesn’t take much effort.
You just grab it and just, I mean, that’sit. It’s a slight movement so don’t yard it
over really hard, but just flip a little bitmore over to the right for you and it will
work just fine. Now on a square bill, here the eye is right
up here on the nose. It’s not on the bill. See that? A little bit different. So with
those, with that you want to turn it a littlebit one way or the other, okay? Or this way
or the other. That’s how you want to do it. You do it one way or the other like that. Don’t twist it. You don’t want to twist it.
Same thing with on this here, you know. Youwant to go one way or the other. You don’t
want to twist it like that. Don’t twist onit because that won’t help. And this is a little bit different, now you’re
going to flip it one direction or the otheron the square bill. Again you just grab the
nose and just flip it a little bit and youcan course correct it. Now a quick little tip is, say you’re fishing
docks and you know fish are underneath thedocks, you want your bait to dive down underneath
the docks, well here, just detune it. Twistthe line tie a little bit and you’re going
to let it go dive underneath those docks anddig those fish out for you. But that’s a quick
tip for you. Hope that helps. For more tipsand tricks like this, visit BassResource. com.

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