How to Tune Your Baitcaster to Prevent Bird Nests and Have Longer Casts

How to Tune Your Baitcaster to Prevent Bird Nests and Have Longer Casts

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Throwback Thursday here fellow bassin fools! Just re-watched this video on how to adjust the magnets on a baitcasting reel from January of last year! It’s had over 5000 views so it must have something for the person just learning or wanting to learn how to adjust their baitcaster for max distance and fewer or no ‘backlashes’! If you already know this, share to someone who doesn’t please! They’d appreciate it I’m sure!
In this video demonstration, I show you how to properly tune your bait-caster by making subtle adjustments to the cast control mechanism and the spool tensioner knob located on the right side of the reel. The most common types of brake systems on today’s reels usually are magnetic brakes, centrifugal brakes or pin. By adjusting the brake system you can control the speed of the spools revolution which gives you ultimate control and help eliminate birds nest / backlash. My goal for this video is to help you learn how to master the bait casting reel. Adjusting the tensioner will help control the velocity of the lure, ideally you should be able to free spool your reel and the lure should fall to the ground without backlash. Make adjustments until you reach the desired speed. If you like this video, please give a thumbs up, share and subscribe. Subscribe to our channel for our ‘Year of Lures’ giveaway which started June 27th and runs through June of next year, 2019!!

Thanks Again, and ‘tight lines’!

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