Huddleston Deluxe Swimbait Big Bass Feb 12, 2017. Florida.

Caught another Big Bass on the Huddleston Deluxe. Fishing in Florida with these giant swimbaits. Gotta love it when you feel that fish inhale that bait for the first time. Hudd 8 Inch. If you notice I caught this fish on the stinger hook on the back. Using 80 Pound single strand Wire.

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  1. That was a nice fish! I just subbed after seeing that. That was pretty awesome and some cool slow motion edits too! If you get a chance you should check out my channel and sub back if you like the content! I know in a few days the video of my new pb that I actually caught yesterday is going up! Anyway though hope you sub back but regardless I will be looking forward to your videos!

  2. hey great channel! I found you on Marshall Hurts Shoutout video! I just subscribed and I hope you will subscribe back to bulletproof outdoors! You can never have too many YouTube friends to help u grow your channel!! All the best!

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