I Caught This GIANT Snook From Shore In a Tiny Canal

This is a CATCH OF A LIFETIME! I caught this MASSIVE Snook from shore while fishing with live bait near a little bridge. The tide was barely moving as I was reeling in a live Pinfish when I felt the recognizable thud on the tip of my newly remodeled Snook Master fishing rod. The battle was one I’ll never forget as I had to muscle this beautiful fish away from heavy structure two times during the fight.

Here are my PBs to date:

1. 42″- caught on a pink Firstlight Tackle jig, 2017

2. 40″ -bit on a live pinfish, 2019

3. 39″ -inhaled a handpick shrimp, 1981

Some Gear I Used:

Penn Spinfisher 7500

Good Reasonably Priced Braid Line

Fishing Net

I’d like to give a shout out to my friend Julio for encouraging me to fish big live baits in some of the areas I’ve been frequenting over the past two months. He’s an avid Snook fisherman who has caught some very big fish. Since meeting him through this channel, my abilities to catch larger fish have increased tremendously. Thanks Julio for all of the things you’ve taught me that helped me catch this beautiful fish.


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