INSANE! Catching a HUGE Bass Using BassForecast App

Bass Forecast App – The ONLY app that helps anglers catch HUGE bass by providing accurate fishing forecasts. Try it now for FREE:

Fishing for Bass is easy when you know the right time to strike! BassForecast is the all-in-one trip planning tool you need to maximize your Bass fishing results. Using proven factors and based on the science of Bass feeding behavior, the Bass Forecast App can accurately forecasts the best days to Bass fish and what time of day to go.

BassForecast is the only fishing app specifically designed for Bass fishing forecasting. BassForecast uses a combination of exact user GPS (or selected location) complete solunar data, the time-lag-effect of past air temperature on water temperature, barometric pressure changes and other relevant weather factors that have been scientifically proven to affect Bass Feeding Behavior. BassForecast is the only tool that considers all relevant factors that affect bass feeding behavior so you can better plan what days to Bass fish, and the best times to fish once you are there – for the next 10 days!

Try it now for FREE:


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