Jerkbait Bass Fishing $$$ Secrets Pros Don't Want You to Know

It’s time for PRO SECRETS for jerkbait fishing in every season. Sure, a jerkbait is great for winter fishing and prespawn (cold water), but what about postspawn, summer and fall? You can fish these lures all year for bass! John Hunter has won a LOT of money fishing a jerkbait all year long in clear and muddy water. Do you lose fish on a jerkbait? Do fish throw the bait? Learn how to land a higher percentage of your bass on this bait by becoming a PRO subscriber and watching this full bass fishing instructional video at

In this video, you will learn:
How to fish a jerkbait in every season
How to modify jerkbaits to float/sink and catch more bass
Rod, reel and line you need for fishing this lure
Locations to target throughout the year in every season
Fishing vertical structure with a jerkbait


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