Jig tweaks for bass fishing swim jigs

How we doing out there? Patrick Bone, (2014
Bassmaster Classic and FLW Tour Pro). I wantto share with you a neat little tip. I really
enjoy skipping docks with a jig. It’s somethingthat I just really enjoy and I’ve found little
things that work and things that have helpedme out along the way. This is just a neat
little tip I use. I like to take my jig beforeI put my trailer on there and I
like to thread a small section of plasticworm onto the shank of the hook. The reason
I do that is obviously when you skip yourjig under there and you’ve got your chunk
on your jig without the piece what will happena lot of times is your chunk will rid up the
shank of the hook. So you end up with a dealthat looks like that, which is not very appealing.
What I like to do is just thread the smallpiece of worm on before I put my chunk on.
It’s very simple. Throughout the day if you’rethrowing some shaky heads or whatever throw
them on the bottom of the floor and you cancut them up and use them for that. I just
take a small little section and thread iton the hook. It’s nothing-fancy just thread
it right on there and push it up about a 1/2-3/4″. It depends about the length of the
shank on your hook because a lot of jigs aredifferent. This is a 1/2-ounce Booyah Jig
and that works well for this particular jig. Thread that on there and as far as color I
like to mix my chunks and jigs up anyway. This is a black and blue jig so I like to
put a green pumpkin trailer on there. AfterI get my section of worm and I thread it on
there it’s going to prevent that chunk fromsliding all the way up the shank of the hook.
It may slide up just a little, but you cangive your rod a little pop and after you make
a few skips with it that hole is going toloosen up anyway so it will fall right back
down about every time. As far as colors youcan just kind of mix match it up. No real
set deal on that. So what that’s going todo for you is make your casts more efficient.
You’re not going to have to have a lot ofwaste time throughout the day by none stop
fixing your chunk. I think if you do thatit well really help you because it has really
helped me as far as making my jig look a littlebit natural. It also adds just a little bulk
to the jig too with the little section ofworm on there.

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