Jika Rig Tip – Smallmouth Bass Fishing

Hi, I’m Captain Ben Wolfe with Sport Fish
Michigan. I’ve got a rig that I want to usetoday, and it’s called a Jika rig. Up here
in northern Michigan, we have really greatopportunities to fish with tubes, which are
very, very productive. But a lot of our customers,sometimes depending on the wind conditions
and the bottom contour, have trouble feelingthe bottom with a standard rig tube with the
weight inside the tube head. So, what we dowith the Jika rig is we modify it a little
bit, and then customers really have no troublefeeling the bottom. All this rig is, really,
is just an extra-wide gap worm hook – we puta split-ring on, and then I use a finesse
drop-shot rig. What that allows us to do isto change the weights depending on the conditions.
What happens when this falls is that it fallsstraight to the bottom, just like that. The
tube is flared, so when we drag it along thebottom, the weight is able to be felt by the
angler because the weight is exposed. It doesn’thave the dulling effect that the plastic does
around the weight if the jig head were inside the tube. To rig this, all we do is a standard
Texas rig. This is a really versatile rig – you can fish it in a lot of different applications.
Especially just dragging along the bottom,which is so productive up here. The hook is
back toward the tail, so when the fish grabthe tail, they wind up getting the business
end of the hook, too. This is the Jika rigthat we fish up here in the Traverse City
area. It’s really versatile, and works really well for us. Let’s go fishing! The same areas
that I go looking for anything that looksdifferent: a light spot if there’s a darker
bottom – or a dark spot if there’s a lighter bottom. Those are all the same places that
we want to cast either a drop-shot rig ora tube, but with the Jika rig, it allows you
to feel the bottom better. So, I see a likelylooking spot, I’m going to cast it out past that
and bring it back towards the structure. The thing I love about this is that you can do
it with a bait casting rod or you can do itwith a spinning rod. It’s such a versatile
option. I got one here!Nice! On that Jika rig tube. Nice post-spawn fish. Got it right
in the top of the jaw. They’re pretty up here,and so much fun. Let’s get him back. When we cast out to a very specific structure,this is going to fall straight because the
weight is down. So it’s going to fall straightdown where we want it to go. In contrast,
if we had a tube with a jig head inside, itwould spiral. So sometimes, we could make
the perfect cast, and that spiral takes usaway from where we want to be. However, every
given day is different. Sometimes, the fishreally respond well to that spiral, sometimes
they want just a straight fall, so we can get right by the structure. They’re so pretty in this water. They don’t like the tube!Thank you, darlin’!For more information, or if you’re looking for a Captain or Guide
in Michigan, please giveSport Fish Michigan a call, or check us out on the
web at www. SportFishMichigan. com.

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