Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament In’s & Outs (BONUS Fish at the End)

In this video I go thru all the steps and processes of how to fish a kayak bass tourney. Unfortunately I didn’t catch anything but do to a bad bad case of tennis elbow from racquetball I could barely hold on to the rod, so I got off the water early😢 This Kayak bass fishing tournament took place in Lake Havasu AZ and we had around 20 boats w a $25 entry, $5 small and $5 big fish.If you haven’t fished one of these Kayak Bass Tournaments, You will find all the kayak anglers to be very nice, helpful and ego free so the are very pleasant to fish! unfortunately the conditions were extremely tough due to a Super Moon the nite before and the water being down 3-5 feet at least.. Only 4 of 20 anglers caught a fish, but it was a beautiful day w tremendous views! Please like & comment on the video as this helps us YouTubers alot! Thanks for watching and have a blessed day!

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