Kayak Fishing for Colorado River Largemouth Bass

Hello everybodyRon Barbish watermanatwork. comWe are kayak fishingfor largemouth basson the Colorado RiverIn this videowe are kayak fishing for largemouth basson the lower Colorado Riverin the southwest United StatesThis is a great placefor largemouth bass fishingPerfect for a kayak fishermanThis is a big fishA big hitunder the kayakand back in the airThis is what we came here forOn the water before sunriseMorning is the best time of the dayin the desert southwestThe largemouth bass hang outunder the bushes and reedsthat grow out over the waterA kayak is perfectfor getting right in thereand hunting them downI had to wrestle this fishout from under a clump of weedsAnother really niceColorado River largemouth bassThis is anotherbig Colorado River largemouth bassEvery day is a new chanceto catch that fish of a lifetimeSometimes you get themsometimes you don’tJust one more cast. . . I’d like to take a minuteand thank the peoplearound Yuma, Arizonaand the Colorado RiverAll the people we’ve met out hereEverybody’s been really nicetotally coolIt’s been a pleasureto stay around hereand talk with everybodyGo fishing and stuffJust want to thank the local fishermenfor allowing us to share their spotand giving us some pointershelping us learn how to catch largemouth basshere on the Colorado RiverThanks to the people of Yuma, ArizonaCheck back infor more kayak fishing videosat watermanatwork. com

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