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Good morning all friends,welcome to my channel. Thank you for tuning in. It’s now morningan only 9:30AMThe sun is fully bright now. I came out to check my fruit trees in the gardenbecause yesterday it was too hot to take a look at it. I was out here at noon. Also I over look my passion fruitbecause my in-law came to visitand they had fresh eyesso they spot the passion fruit right away. I’ve been looking at it daily and haven’t seen any fruit. I will take you all to get a closer look with me. This little one that I hand pollinate at the beginninghas now grown this much. This one might fruit too. It’s starting to show the bump. I just notice that this flower is starting to open. Tonight I have to hand pollinate this one too. Still one more that has not open yet. I’m not here at the passion fruit vine. Are you able to see it?Yesterday I looked at it and didn’t see. See? Naly just spotted another one. The passion fruit. That’s just one. Let me show you the others. The one we saw last evening but wasn’t clear. This is one. 2,here’s another one3,just counting along4,5,where else?More flowers there?It’s not open yet, a little bit. OK, Mommy will take a look. I am not sure if this was due to hand pollination or not. I have time so I just do it. Hand pollinate for funmaybe also by nature. – Look at this one.
– I know. Starting to come out one by one. This is in bloom. Let me find one more. Hard to tell when it’s still green. Once the color changeto a purple blushit’s more noticeable. You spot another one?Oh flower?There’s a lot Naly. Husband sprayed water in the chicken coop to cool it. During the day time this spot gets hot. Also it’s been over 100s degrees this past few daysbut now they are all wet. Chicken fell in the water. He also cleaned out the nesting box. Nice and clean. Scoop it into a bagthen pray it with water, that’s it. My hands stinky. What stink? Daddy just cleaned it. You going to smell it Naly?Very smelly, like chickens. Naly, it’s a chicken coop so it’s going to smell like chicken. The lotus that we planted a few days agonow a lot more grew. They grow so fast. Maybe they like the hot weather. Hello every one, welcome to the channel. Today Pa is playing ball. Going to hit the flower. In. It goes in. He said “in”. Pa put that up. You going to make the viewer dizzy like that. There’s a tree house. Right there. Their house have something up there. There’s a toy chicken . There’s a chicken doll up there. I can’t get itbecause it at other people house. For today we are going to have leftovers. Too many food yesterday we didn’t get to eat it all. So today we got a meal. Shrimp boil. I’ve vlog how to make this in my previous episodeIf you are interested and want to tryyou can check it out in my channel. If you are able to use the head on shrimp, that’s tasty. This time the store did not have it. So we end up using the headless. Yeah it’s smaller than the head-on shrimp. I like this one. The sausage is tasty when cook like this. Yeah it’s saucy, best to eat with fingers. The jujube that we bought a few days ago. I see it came with a few tiny fruit. The day I bought it, it was too hotI didn’t notice. The husband plant it in this spotthis corner here. He said he’s not going to pull outor change the other one. Now we have 2 of them. This evening is breeze than the other few days. So we can come out
and spend more time looking in the garden. I’m really interested in this passion fruit vine. It’s nice, hanging like this. So cute!It’s like a baby watermelon. Husband is now used to this. He practice 2x a day. He said after Coronavirus, he’s going to take bets. Put the money towards getting a real basketball hoop. Why don’t you dance in circle?He’s going to take his shirt off soon. This morning he did it already. OK, that’s enough. So our friends are not watching the same thing. This is an Asian pear. There’s lot of little fruit. See? I can barely get the words out of my mouth. Husband is flexing his muscle. Nice cool breezeand the sun is almost setting too. My bike is broke. Vlog it. I see it already. That’s only 2 points from that distance. Not 3 points. Oh my, the plants. All the fruit trees, gone. His shoe fell out. 3 points, 3 points. Get 3 points dear. Cheer too soon. Not in!Still have another lotus pot. Will plant the remainder seeds this evening. I just bought more lotus seeds. Just try to grow them for fun. Let me show you push up. Guess how many will I make?Husband wants to do push-up. Exercise because all the gyms are closed. Maybe it’s now open?I say you make 20. Too many. 468Naly is doing it also. Eli is going to do it too. 23. Naly, how many did you make?Naly, how many?Look at Eli wanting to do too. His head going to go first. How many did you get Naly?His arms are still up. Look at his arms, he’s not letting it down. Even though we help him uphis arms is not down. Look at his muscle here. Tough, he’s smiling too. He won’t drop his arm. Maybe his hands hurt. He wants to do it again. Want more?His head is going to go first. He’s not crying. No, he likes it. How is it Naly?Eli!Throwing basket ball again. Hello again every one. It’s now a new dayit’s noonbut not as hot as a few days ago. We can handle it. Husband is clipping the pea eggplant. The young tender onesso it doesn’t mature and go to seed. Using the bar spinning stool. Pure Cambodian style. We pruned it down earlier this year. If this was end of seasonwe would just cut the whole branch down. Then pick off the eggplants. There still more flowers so we just leave it. How does it taste?Bitter. Sweet and bitter. I got one. Oh Naly is tasting. Maybe she will forever hate it after the taste. How is it?I didn’t eat it yet. I didn’t broke it yet. I have to take this green topping out. How is it?Sweet. Sweet?Not sweet? Is it bitter?No. Did you swallow it all?You eat one. No, unless it’s cook then Mommy will eat. It’s not sweet yet, I’m just joking. Joking or for real, wait until it’s cook first.
Then Mommy will eat OK?No. We harvest this much so far. Some cluster has big oneswhile others still small. I can make a dish or two out of these. Naly is going to start school soon. It’s going to be hard to draw. My hand broken from writing. My bone is going to broke . Because I draw too hard. That’s why my bone is going to broke . Your bone is going to broke
because draw too hard. Are you able to understand what Naly says?50% Khmer and 50% English. We try to speak a lot of Khmer to Naly. Teach her new and unique words. Soon Naly will start school. Please help Bro. What’s wrong with Bro Naly?Having Naly pick out the pea eggplant. OK, I’m going to take all of them out. What did you say Naly?Why Pa talk too much?I don’t know why Pa talks too much. Don’t talk too loud. Oh yeah?Why can’t I speak up?How many hours will this take Naly?I want to transfer the tamarind seed to the soil. Since May 17it’s been 12 days since I germinate them. The way I germinate is the same way as mango seed. Oh this one grew and crack. The seed cracked. It’s growing. This one looks like a . . . . looks like a string because it’s long. Like a string. See, they all cracked. That’s why I had to spend time removing the outer skin. I’m going to prepare to transfer them to soil. Today I am using empty water bottles as my containerI just cut off the top and make holes on the bottomto help the water drain and not cause root rot. Also the bottle is clear and I can see the roots. Plus I have these already. It use less soil. I am using a special soil this timesince the seed is special, hard to get. This is the seed starting soil. It contains a blend of other mixture. It helps seed and seedlings. I’m pushing this in. Yeah push it in. Push it to the bottom. Yeah, to the bottom. First make a hole then drop the seed. Here’s the tamarind seed. Set this root down. I won’t break it this time. All 4 seeds arr now buried in the soil. Earlier I watered until the water runs through the holes. Just to make sure that the soil is all wet. I’m going to leave it outsidesince it’s pretty hot. I will frequently check it to see if it’s drythen will water as needed. Now let’s start germinating lotus seeds. These seeds were just recently ordered. This time the seller already nip the ends. They cut the ends. Makes it easier. If you don’t have the proper tools to do ityou might cut into it. Also sometime we can’t tell which one is the end. The seeds that float are not good. Have to remove those. 2 bags, let’s see how many seeds I will get. 5 seeds already floating. All 5 seeds are bad. Can’t use them. I’m going to leave all these in this jar. When the water turns brownI will change the water frequently. At first the color will come off the shell. That’s why you have to change the water. Later on it’s OK. Wait and see the green sprouts coming out of the seed. Here’s the lotus that started earlier. It has grown this much. I got some sand the other daybut haven’t put it in yet. Wait to see if we want to add more seeds to this pot. The seeds that we just soak. I just got this rose catalog in the mail. OK, can you read a story?Read a story book?Or not? I want you to read it. I want to listen to Mommy read. This catalog is free. If you like to see their rose selection, you can order it. Go to Davidaustinroses. comit tells you about the different typesthe history and price. So pretty. I don’t know which one I want to take. Check out this rose. It doesn’t look like roses. They are big like the national flower of China. Peonies. I don’t know what they are called in KhmerMaybe Butan flower?When it’s planted in a container, it’s pretty. It has many petalssome have almost 200 petals. This tells about the fragrancethe zone. So pretty. Look the bee!Check out this page. The page sort by coloras well as petal count. This one I’m planting. There are many more similar to this one. This one is also pretty. OK I will show you what my favorite is. OK I have to see this one first. The selection. There’s lots of yellow and things. It’s now 6PM in the eveningand we came out to the backyard again. See the nice cool breeze?Feels SOOOO GOOOD!I see more. OK Naly. Yeah, because it’s been so hot these past few days. Now comes the cool breezemake me happy. Right now Naly is looking for,what are you looking for?Looking for passion fruit. Look for the flowers and counting since they are many. Oh, looking for fruit too. Just a few days ago and now so many flowers. It hasn’t open yet. On the top too that we can’t really see. We need a ladder or something. This whole bed is full of tomatoes. The small kind. Naly is going to have fun eating these. No fruit yet, can’t pick Naly. Oh I see some. No ripe yet dear, not yet. Not yet, not yet. This is gardenia flower. Fragrant like the mutil petal jasmine flower. Some already finished blooming. This is lavender flowerIN!Yeah IN! I’m right. Nice and cool breeze. Your arms drop. So breeze the curtains moved. Grapesthey have grown this big. Looking more like grapes now. Can be pick and eating with chili fish sauce if preferred. Looks like a lot. This nectarine turned color already. Maybe almost ripe?Fruit all the way to the bottom. The other fruits are still green. Such as this peach,has yet to change color. However the apricotis starting to blush. Some yellow and orange showing. That’s 3 variety,and the other variety is a plum. This is the tree with 4 different fruits. How this sky is looking, will it rain tomorrow?A bit greyish. Good if it rains, as long as there’s no hail. If there’s hail, it will damage my plants. OK, I’m going to end this vlog here. Thank you all so much for watching my vlogs. See you in the next episode OK?I have to go hand pollinate the flower on that treebecause more flowers are starting to open again. Bye-bye!

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