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Glenn: Hey, folks, Glenn May here at BassResource. com,
but I’m here with Hank Parker with anotherweekly tip from Hank Parker. Where he answers your questions, and this
week’s question comes from Bob, from, uh. . . whatis that city?Hank: Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania is what I
get. Glenn: Mahanoy City?Hank: Mahanoy City. Glenn: I hope we got that right, Bob, I really
do. The question here is, would like to know that,
“During a tournament, when do you know youshould give up fishing a pattern or a lure,
and try something else?And what are the factors that you consider
when you make that change?”Hank: That’s a great question, and I like
that, and it varies. You know, I fished tournaments on the St.
Lawrence Seaway in New York where you’re gonnacatch a hundred bass a day most likely, not
always, but you have a really good chanceat doing that. And then I’ve fished tournaments on Cherokee,
Tennessee where, if you get five bites, you’vehad a great day. So, obviously, it’s a complete different mindset
on St. Lawrence Seaway versus Cherokee Lakein Tennessee, so it depends on what body of
water you’re on. You know, most of the time you can look at
the history when you’ve been to a lake oryou’ve looked at a lake, and you’ve been there
in the past, and there’s a history on howmany pounds it took to win a tournament, and
how many guys had limits in that tournament. I try to research and find out as much as
I can about a lake. And when you’re fishing in that tournament,
it all depends on what body of water you’reon, what kind of bites you’re having, how
many pounds is it gonna take to win to makethat adjustment. Again, Cherokee, Tennessee, hey, if you get
five bites in a day’s time, you’ve had a greatday. So you wanna really concentrate on staying
with your game plan and not deviatin’. You know, you put it together in practice,
and stay with it. On the other hand, St. Lawrence Seaway, man,
there’s a ton of smallmouth in that place,and a lot of great large mouth, and if you
don’t have any fish going by 10:00, throwthat pattern away and go to a go-to pattern
that you know produces fish on those tidalrivers, and just make small adjustments after
you get your plan together and go for it. I’m not saying. . . I did say it but let me back
up and retract that. I never liked throwing my game plan away,
but if I ain’t got a fish and I’m on the St. Lawrence Seaway, something’s definitely wrong
because I should’ve already caught 20 by now. So I’m gonna make some pretty big changes
there. Whereas, if I were in Tennessee, I would make
little bitty changes perhaps, but I wouldn’tget too radical because five bites is good. I’m looking for 100 bites on the St. Lawrence
Seaway, so I’m gonna make some more, biggeradjustments in New York than I would in Tennessee. That’s my whole point. So whatever has worked for you in practice,
modify that. Make little changes. For example, if you were catching a fish on
the shoreline, on a big, rocky shoreline andthere was big boulders there, and you were
catching on a spinnerbait, and today you justcan’t buy a bite, man. You haven’t had a follow-up, you hadn’t caught
a fish, go to a crankbait. Go to something to get on the bottom. They’re not coming up after that bait. If that doesn’t work, go to something you
can fish low, like a jig or a sinking wormor a tube. But don’t just abandon that area. If those fish were there, they hadn’t gone
far, and if you can’t catch ’em in there theon the inside, then move out and find the
point. Find an area where there’s a break line, and
then fish that break line. Those types of adjustments are the adjustments
that have paid off for me, rather than abandonthe whole game plan that you’ve put together
in practice. Glenn: That’s fantastic advice, Hank. Bob, I hope that answers your question. For more tips and tricks like this, you need
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