Lake Chickamauga Late Winter 30lb sack!!! Big Bass!!!

BassQuest probably a 10-pound bass when you got
hung on the limb it grabbed it and dragit further in there wrapped it up five
or six times I don’t know that’s a newone on me get a couple of five or six
pounders on this point here make itbetter in heartbeatdon’t do that every dayI caught some fishing line over here
yesterdayI got a big and great big in here yeah
probablyyou don’t Lee it’s like a ten oh my goshlike an eight or ten stripping at the
boat to come on say on baby oh my goshit’s a giant my fish is huge right there
fish is absolutely huge I’ll try to keepher down she just jumpedlet’s fish I don’t think it’s ten but
it’s been at least use I got you biggestnow yeah it’s like a fish right there
boss she’s either I eat my hat thisheavy will get us off this point that
fish was right in front of us here youlike this pointKatniss great just what a finish all
right official wait it’s only sevenpoint two three yeah surprise the
day-night it’s heavydandy seven point two three yeah it was
a pretty little place right here theygot a big yard up there nice boat ramp
you know with deep water access oh yeahyeah yeah here is making a tail
nothing like a strap it was just areally tiny tiny tiny bass he’s pushing
that’s a small Mouse do that our spotit’s a like a cross between the small
mouth in the spot I guess you can guessit either way those right there I can
get them for six and a half I think seeyou get how to get them a Bass Pro Shops
I want eight bucks for them I get themto price-match though Gander Mountain or
Walmart actually hasn’t the cheapest notuh not those not Bates like that a lot
of actual fishing equipment though wecan there’s one yeah no way he’s runningjust flip it like this what you do it’s
thumb that and you can let him have linehere yeah just thumb it when he runs
just um it and then just hold pressurewith your thumb you act like a drag
yourself he’s a big fish it’s a fivepounder
I said that falling huh hold him so yeahit flips on time you had them hooks inhe’s fivefive and a half almostthat’s a good picture you want a picture
with him this is the day way I just waithim at five and a half of us yeah put
him on the scale he’s so fat I don’tknow would have been that fat he was
running though I just you there’s gonnabe like a kid pound unbelievable I
wasn’t recording that time all rightguys I just caught a five pounder I
wasn’t recording somehow so sorry butnow we’ve got 18 pounds with three fishthat go man I can’t believe I did that
what a goober goober move there this wasright over there that was I not
recording what dad Kayla I did thatyesterday with the big fishPopoff just caught another nice fish
right here this one weighed in at 3. 2for I’ve got to put the camera back away
because it’s raining too hard justthought you guys might want to see ityou guys are just stuck another hog here
I’m a pop I’ll hold this camera justwatch me in theresee the scale I put just 5. 8 506 it’s
just not as long as five point eightseven that puts us at 23 citizens 23
point to something before five pointeight puts us at twenty nine pounds I
think you’re trying went off about thattime very well guys thought I had
another great big bass but it was a hugeroom I don’t know how much this thing
weighs but I’m assuming probably ten ortwelve pounds maybe more to see that
it’s still raining so I can’t really getthe camera out but see you later guys I
cannot believe itright here at the end of the day I
caught this absolute football look howfat this fish is let’s get a weight on
itofficial wait almost six pounds
the thing is a football what a day guysI think this is my personal best limit
ever we’ve got to be pushing 32 poundsnow I’ll give you an update later

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