Lake Norman Fishing ~ Lake Norman NC

Alright guys uh we are at Lake Norman today,
uh Its low light conditions the currents flowingat the dam. we are a the bridge that’s next
to the dam. Uh I threw jerk bait I threw amega mega strike jerk bait and This monster
just came up and ate it. This is my personalbest striper and uh my biggest bass I have
ever caught. So we are going to let him go. So he can swim again. But here’s the release.
Alright guys this is the release so uh thisbig striper I caught I am going to revive
him make sure hes doing good. You make sureyou revive your fish before you let him go
guys and just let them go when they want to. Alright guys I hooked up with another striper
listen he’s mad. I was just throwing thisjerk bait around this pile on and he just
came up and smacked it. He looks kinda decentmaybe 4 pounds. Bigger than I though he was.
Can you get the net? Here he comes here hecomes. There you see him. Uh Hmm Is he bigger?
Maybe. Yeah I think he is. There he is guyslook at that. He just killed it. There we
go. Oh Man of course its comes out at theboat. Here’s what we got. Another good one
guys. He’s a fatty. Uh we are gonna get aweight on him and we will tell ya the weight.
Alright he weighed 7. 2 guys. That’s a goodone. Uh we are gonna let him go. Alright guys
we are gonna show what we got so far. Someof these we didn’t get on the uh you know
we didn’t show yall some we did. But uh Iwill show yall what we got. We got 5 bass
we got a limit. This nice little bass. Thisis a nice healthy one we are gonna let all
these bass go. So I am gonna go ahead andlet him go. There he goes. Alright that’s
number one. Here’s number two. Alright I amgoing to let him go. Alright here’s number
three. and uh Here’s number four That’s agood one. Here’s number five. This is our
biggest one we caught. we are going to seeif we can pick off a few more. Uh we are probably
gonna wrap it up here soon but well give yousome more videos.

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