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Spring 2020 SWMO Bass Tournaments

Table Rock Lake Division – OPENS – Schedule!

DATE                     PLACE                         TIME            TYPE                  $ ENTRY       Boats  1st$ w/10+  20+ 
3-08-2020       Mill Creek Ramp       645a-300p     Open#1 & USA1    $100/ $90*     =<30   $500      $1000   Won by Randy Conlin & Big Bass 210 n 1000
4-12-2020      Cape Fair Marina      700a-300p      Open #2                 $100/ $90*     =<30   $500      $1000  Reschedule for June 2020

5-16-2020       Cape Fair Marina      630a-230p     Open #3                $100/ $90*     =<30     $500     $1000 

6-13-2020       Cape Fair Marina      630a-230p     Open #4 -USA #3  $100/ $90*       =<30    $500    $1000  

USA Bassin Team Trail – MO14 Table Rock North(Spring)Division

DATE                   PLACE                         TIME               TYPE                    $ ENTRY   Boats   1st$ w/10+    20+ 
3-08-2020         Mill Creek Ramp       645a-300p    USA1/Open1          $100*      =<30         $500      $1000
3-22-2020         Aunt’s Creek Ramp   700a-300p          USA2                  $80*        =<30        $500      $1000        Rescheduling TBA
4-19-2020         Mill Creek Ramp       700a-300p           USA3                 $80*        =<30        $500      $1000        rescheduling TBA
5-03-2020         Mill Creek Ramp       630a-230p           USA4                 $80*        =<30        $500      $1000        resceduling TBA

5-23-2020         Aunts Creek Ramp    645a-245p           USA #2                 $80*        =<30        $500     $1000

6-13-2020            Cape Fair                   630-230       Usa3/Open3          $100        =<30         $500     $1000        Make Up USA #3 & Open 3        


Sign Up Online By Clicking Here, Table Rock Lake Page

*All Holders of a new 2020 LBN Discount Card will be able to take $10 off any 2 OPEN entries for the season, and in conjunction with holding a current USA Bassin Membership, can take $5 off any 2 USA Bassin Division series entries also! Other Discounts on lures, gear, and LBN Apparel. Including Rapala, Storm, Arashi, Sufix, VMC Hooks, Keitech, and 6-7 other brands.
Contact Randy Yancey, the founder of Largemouth Bass Nation dot Com if you have additional questions or go to www.usabassin.com for the USA Bassin Division schedules for all the lakes in Missouri and Follow our Facebook page /LargemouthBassNation for tournament schedules and weigh-in results. randy@largemouthbassnation.com.
To Get Your LBN Discount card, look below and select the correct dropdown on the PayPal dropdown menu! Also, enter tournaments for lower takeoff numbers and Cash Back on 2 of your tournament entries and other gear, lure, and apparel discounts! Come fish an affordable team tournament with Regional and National Championships with 5 figure boats and 4 figure top places! 

Sign Up in the right-hand sidebar for email notification of tournaments, results, gear and lure specials, and other bass fisPhing deals that become available for our members!

Tightlines and hope to see you at all the LBN or USA Bassin Bass Tournaments!

Randy Yancey, Springfield, MO. 

Send me an email if you need to and we’ll set up a time to talk on the phone!


Team Entry and/0r Card(s)


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