Larry Smith Outdoors – Madison Chain Bass and Bluegills

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great day to be alive. ♪ Out in the great outdoors ♪- Holy moly. – Look at this thing. How you gonna go
fishing when it doesn’teven wanna take your money. Right?, whose bright
idea was this thing? Son of a buck, it ate
all my dollar bills. And look it didn’t
even give me the thing. You gotta be kidding me. Look at. . . I’m glad I live up in Oshkosh
I can tell you that one. That son a bitch freakin’
ate all my dollar bills. And then. . cause I didn’t. . . I
couldn’t find a five. . . togo in there in time
and it erased them all. My man is in play right here. Hey, welcome to
Larry Smith Outdoors. This week we’re up
on the Madison chainand we’re fishing with our
good friend Kevin Fasman,and I hope I pronounced
your last name right Kevin. – Yep. That’s good enough. – Good enough. Hey I’ll tell ya, you know what,you and me are big plastics guysand you are more of a
artificial guy than I am by farbecause you’re a bass guy. And today we’re gonna start
off fishing for blue gillsand then we’re gonna do some
bass fishing afterwards. Is there any walleyes
in these lakes?- There’s a few walleyes but
we’re probably not gonna be intheir zipcode. – Are you kidding me? So we’re not gonna
fish walleyes today?Hey I’ll tell ya, tell ya
what we’re gonna be doing. Now we’re at, this
is Mud Lake right?- Right. – Okay, we’re up
on here on Mud Lakeand tell us, I guess, you know,what kind of presentation
we’re gonna be working with. – We’re looking for some of
the really nice blue gills thathave come up shallow
this time of year. There’s some fish at bed,
some swimming around. And there’s some really
good fish in this chain. Some really good pan fish. We’re gonna try to target them. We’re gonna be using some
Kalin’s two inch crappie scrubsand see if that does the trick. We’re gonna be fishing a lot ofKalin’s Hard and Soft
fishing Kalin’s Baits today. – Which is a big
sponsor of yours and mine. So. . . – We’re gonna put
this stuff to the testand hopefully we get ’em. – You know what, you’re making
me a little bit nervous whenwe were going through
that channel thereand you we’re up
there casting for bassand you were
flipping around polesand getting
underneath them trees. You know what, if it comes
to that kind of fishing,I got a feeling I’m
deep trouble Kevin. – I was wondering how adept
you were at that so we’ll see. We’ll give you a little
precursor and you’ll be fine. – Right, well I’m
just telling you,if you start out
fishing me too much,I’m gonna give you a ride with about 10 feet of line soyou can’t get all
the way up in here. Hey, let’s see what happens
today out on the Madison chain. Now we’re gonna be fishing howmany different
lakes on this chain?- We’re gonna try three. You know we’ve got kind of
a short day going right now. But, we’ll see if
we can get her done. – Okay, alright, let’s see
what happens here today. Awesome day, finally after a
cold front, warmed back up. – Yeah. – You think these gills are
gonna be still on the beds?It’s getting pretty
late isn’t it?- Yeah they should be. These, some of these
lakes are pretty deep. Yeah, we’ll go to the
lake north of here. Lake Monona that’s a lot deeper. It’s 80 feet deep. – Okay. And that tends to
have a later spawn. If we don’t get ’em
here, we’ll go up there. – That’s kind of nice when
you got such a variety ofdifferent lakes here. This is a real shallow
body of water here right?I mean I didn’t
see anything that,I couldn’t see the
bottom for most part. – Actually, it used to be
but they dredged it out. – Okay. – You see, there’s a belt
line in the background,you see cars running on?- Yeah. – They took fill
out of this lake,it used to be just
a eight foot flat. – Right. – Now it’s 24 feet
deep and it’s small,and there’s a pretty
decent size holeand there’s a lot of
neat points and edgesand that’s what makes this
lake kind of neat to fish. – Awesome I’m excited. Hey, let’s get fishing. – The Warrior
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having fun in the outdoors. And to have a chance to
win a trip with us here onLarry Smith Outdoors and a Hard
and Soft water fishing kit. All you have to do is
submit that picture tothe Badger Sportsman dot com. – Now Kevin that’s,
what are you saying that is?How do you know that’s bass fry?- Just becacause, well,- You can tell just
the way the swarm is there. – Because I
worked in fisheries onand off for 10 years. and I know quite a
bit about this stuff. – Okay. – Yeah, its, I just
know their bass fry just bythe way their
positioned in the water. They’re grouped tight. – Okay. And the male will
usually take care of ’em. It’s unusual to not see
a male swimming around’em right now at that size. – Really?So the male acutally,
see I didn’t know that. – Yep. – So the male actually,
is that in small mouthand large mouth?- Yeah. – Or just large mouth?- Small mouth typically
won’t go them as long. – They tend to
spawn in areas that- Okay. don’t let the fry stay
together, you know,- Right. – They’re out a lot
in the washed areas. But in areas where
its, you know,where there’s not
much wave action,there’s a lot of weeds. – Yep. – They’ll stick
together like that forthey’ll probably follow ’em
around for a week or two. – Holy cats,
that’s interesting. How that goes like that huh? – A bass fisherman
catching blue gills?- I have
fun with blue gills,- There you go . – I use a nine foot noodle rod. – That’s a
nice gill right there. Now you caught that
on that scrub huh?- Yeah I got that on thattwo inch crappie
scrub from Kalin’s. – And you
said, you know,I was catching them
small ones, you said,- Yeah. if I want to get a
good one, I’m gonna,it’s gonna be a good one if
I catch it on that scrub. – Sunnie. – Got a sunnie. – Woo, he swallowed
that sucker too. I know I can do
better than this. – What?- Yeah, it’s a bass. – You catch another
one on that scrub. . . – No, no it’s a crappie. – It’s a crappie?- It’s a good one. – Oh that’s a
beaut. . . oh Kevin!And that’s what you’re using
that scrub is a crappie bait. – That’s the first
crappie I caught all day. – God dang it I
want one of them scrubs. Are you serious?- It must, – You catch one more. They must be drawn to that scrubcause that’s the first
crappie I caught inthis lake all year. – We go up on
the wharf we use thatscrub all the time and
we did a show last fall- That’s a nice fish. – nice fish. That’s man pachanick’s
old bass boat. See it up there?What the heck is
with that mallard?- I think it’s in love. – That is so goofy. – There’s some decent
fish right here. Got ’em on the scrub. You got one too?- Yep. He’s
under the boat – We suck up in this
little channel hereand I’ll tell ya, nice
blue gill right there. Gotta love that. – You see a bass
chasing that thing?- No, oh yeah. – Oh, oh, I do. Just hit a bass
chasing the blue gill. – Chasing the blue
gill. Yeah that was cool. – Got a nice seven and a
half, seven, three quarter. – Oh. That’s looks
like a better one, or not?- It’s not bad. – Yeah. – Bout a seven incher. – Yeah, seven inch. – They’re liking this shade
along this bank right here. There’s a lot of them
tucked in there but. . . – We haven’t
had much shade lately. – There’s some
nicer fish in therebut they haven’t
bit our baits yet. – That’s a nice fish. – Here we go. – Boy I just, oh,
that’s a little better one. I love this ride too, I just,I just threw up there. And turn my head. Pretty fish. I don’t care what’s
biting as long assomething’s pulling on the
other end, I’m a happy camper. – Kevin, that looks
like a, oh that’s- Here we go. – Now that’s a nice gill,
that’s a nice gill anywhere. – That’s why ya fish the
Madison chain right there. – That’s a nice gill. Boy, they’re pretty fish too. – What’s this an
eight inch-er, solid fish. – Yeah. – Look at how high they are. They’re really
high and wide here. – Kalin’s has been
catching multi species fish,for over 30 years. From our crappie grubs,to our sizmic series of
hybrid swim baits and grubs. To our jerk minnows. – You can’t see that
jerk minnow can ya?- No, he ate it. – To our garlicand salt impregnated wacko worm. – That’s a Kalin’s wacko. – Our premium
line of Kalin jig heads. Oh and our original
Kalin’s grub,still does a pretty
good job too. – Just look at that Kalin’s
in her mouth right there. – Patrick, what
you doing out here?- Mark, I’m going
fishing this weekendbut with this massive
selection of trucks,I can’t figure out
which one to take. – The brand new
Lynch Mukwonago stores havea massive selection of brand
new Chevrolet, Chrysler,Dodge, Jeep and Ram trucks,
cars, vans and SUVs. Make you’re next stop
at new state of the art,Lynch Mukwanago
dealerships today. ♪ Nobody sells for
less than Lynch ♪ – You know things are
really getting bad when,an Oreo cookie, look at
this, look how thin that is. That’s it. – It’s the
bait of choice. When you’re fishing
this hard coverand you want something that
lands fast, falls slow,but not too slow and is
heavy enough to cast,these are the deal. – Hey, hey, hey. Now that one was laying tied up. – Yeah. It’s a little
tighter around the docks. – Yeah, sure. – Can’t show the
Kalin’s wacko wormcause he shook it but,- There is
some Kalin’s it’s gone. – Alright well, we’ve
been at this forabout five minutes and hopefully
they get a little bigger. – Yeah they
were all fun fish. I love catching bass. Doing some bass fishing,blue gill fishing up
on the Madison chain. Yeah, something different. We do a lot of different things. It’s kinda nice. Not always fishing walleyes. Nice job Kevin. Nice, nice fish. Boy I tell ya, that is amazing. Nice fish, that’s a big pig. Nice fish. – Not use to these
high sides. Got him. – Nice fish. – You know that was funny,fishing down this
stretch of docks here. I look out to my rightand I just this bad
boy cruising around. And that’s the power of
these stick baits is,these wacko worm baits
made by Kalin’s is thattheir so subtle that you
can throw ’em right ontop of a fish, it’s really closeand they really don’t
know what’s going onand it gives ’em
time to react to it. That bait prolly sunk
for prolly three,four seconds when that fish
finally turned back aroundand said, I gotta have it. – Nice. Very nice. – Kalin’s wacko
worm right there. – Very nice, very nice. – Hey Kevin, you caught
three like that now. Rig me up that way. Now you’re rigging this,
what do you call it?Texas style?- Yeah this is Texas rig. – Okay now,- And I use a pretty fine
wire hook it’s a lot smaller. I believe the most important
thing about hooking a fish isgetting the barb in. A lot of guys want
a big strong hook. – Okay. – I want a hook
that can take it. – Sharper. – But it’s thin wire and
it has a decent barb on it. – Okay. – This thing has never bent
out on me in a bunch offish I caught. – Okay. – It’s about as small
I’ll go. Size two. – So how are
you rigging that?You’re going right
through that wacko worm. – Right through the front,just pull about a
quarter inch in. – Yep. – Turn back around. – Kinda do it slower
so people can see it. Yep. – Works better on line cause
I like to bury the knot withthe rubber that protects
the knot a little bit. But til we get it tied on, I
can pull it back a little bitbut I just, like a lot of guys
might keep it in the worm. I like it to just lay
right on top of like that. – So its mead-less huh?- Yeah and these worms
are stiff enough thateven casting it hard, it
usually stays right thereand it’s totally snag proof. – Awesome. – Which is great for fishing
around some of this hard cover. – Game on. – Nice to meet you, I’m Paul. – Same here, Paul,
nice to meet you. Nice to meet you guys. – Goddard- So you guys can’t
just fish the daily?You gotta actually go back
and do some community service?- We had meetings and
stuff this morning,we just got out. – Yeah. – Looks like you
got a wacko worm on there. – Yeah, sure do. – Hey I just
casted up there Kevin. What the heck?Aw, you’re killing me. Wow, I just cast underneath it. Hey we were just
talking to the guys fromthe Badger football team. – Wow this got
a nice built to it too. – Just like
them guys, you see that?I wouldn’t want to get
in a tussle with them. I saw them coming down the
docks, I’m moving right over. – Yeah, I was gonna say,
“Hey you’re in my spot”but I decided not to. – No, I
think that was a wise thing. Some good guys though. You know it’s great to see. That’s a nice fish too. – Yeah, it’s got
a nice feel to it. – Boy, I’ll tell ya,it’s nice to see these
guys that play football,still like to fish too. So that’s awesome. You know what?I can’t believe some
guys that play forthe Badger football
team watch our show. That’s awesome. I didn’t know football
players fished too. Geez and watch our show. – Shotgun Steve Schaffer
in the kitchen today,I got a special guest her
name is Brittney Chronand she works on desserts. She’s gonna show us a
few things she makesand she’s got a
specialty, matter of fact,two specialties matter
of fact for Larry that’sgonna knock his socks off. Talk to me what you do Brittany. – Well I bake cakes. Cupcakes, cakes and
I have here fourth ofJuly cupcakes for today. – Nice. – And,- Let’s see one. So you say when you squeeze
it there’s three differentfrostings come out
at the same time. – That’s
right I make a big, bigand I put three
little bigs insideand then when you squeeze it,it comes out
altogether like this. – So now it’s a
cupcake on a turn tableor you do it by hand?- Nope. – That’s way
too steady for me. I’m like, uh. You know what the
best part of this is?This cupcake, what is
this, one bite for Larry. Just gone, it’s like,
he eats like a dog. So. . . So show us some of the
things you make thatput you different from like
a grocery store or something. – Well there’s a little bit
more free range with creativity. I got some wedding cakes here. – That you did
all by yourself without. . . – All free hand. – Woah, what
were you an artist inschool or something before?- Yeah, I
took some art classes- Okay, alright. and I kind of transferred
it onto the cakes. – Yeah look at these
ones, holy cow, that is sharp. – Thank you. And then in back here I
have some birthday cakes. – Slow down, oh,
what is that Mickey Mouse?- Minnie. – Minnie?- Yeah. – A purse?- Uh huh,
a Louis Vuitton purse. – Oh, can you,
Larry, Larry,can you imagine wrapping
your lips aroundsome Louis Vuitton purse?Well good. How can
we get ahold ofyou if someone is looking
to have a cake madeor cupcakes or. – Well I created this
little poster for today. It has my phone
number, email address,and you can look me up on
Facebook with Cakes by Brittney. – Nice. And let’s see what kind of
specialties do you got forthe boss man Mr. Larry. – Well I got
something pretty special. – Oh, look at that. – It’s just for Larry though. – Larry Smith Outdoors,I don’t know if that’ll
fit in the boat. Cave man what do you think?You think he can
have that in a boat?- Aw he’d have
that gone in two bites. Nice job on
demonstrating everything. – Thank you. – Let’s
try your cupcakes. – Okay. – I, you
know, I gotta see whatthe difference is between
yours and everybody else’s. Alright ready to dig in?Oh you take the
whole wrapper off? Ready?Oh my god, From Larry Smith Outdoors,
I’m Shotgun Steve Shaffer. Oh that’s some nice frosting. – Thank you. Should I clean my
mouth off too? Okay. Larry, you’re missing it
again brother. Hey one bite I said
not the whole thing. – The Badger
Sportsman is the magazine foroutdoors in Wisconsin. Not a subscriber?Now is the time. You won’t want to
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Sportsman dot com today. – That is what it’s all about. – A push
mower on a rope?- That’s the way I
think you’d have to do it. – I never
even thought about it. – Well I’d like
to see you mow that. You dog, you, Kevin. Aw it’s a nice fish too. You are absolutely killing me. Hey I had the first
shot in on that dock. Again, and it
didn’t work for me. C’mon you got the
same color I got on? – Yeah that green pumpkin magic. Kalin’s wacko. – I’ll tell
ya that’s wherebeing a precise caster comes in. That is nice fish. Boy all of sudden things
are lighten up Kevin. The warrior world’s
coming alive. – Hey how come
you’re not catching anything? – It’s just not my time yet. Not my time. – What time is
it? So I can set my alarm. – Hey, good things
happen to those who wait. Hey! C’mon!I just cast it in there. Are you kidding me dude?I just cast it right there. Something’s going on. – You ain’t get deep enough. – Isn’t that something?He made it in there about
three foot farther than I didand he caught the fish. – I don’t care, they’re
still fun at that size. – I’ll take one that
size any day of the week. That’s just not right. I mean I was, you got
three feet underneath thatdock farther than I got. So you were almost to the front
of that pontoon right there. I got three quarters
of the way in there. See how much of a
difference it makes?That’s just not right. – Film that failure. – Yeah. That’ll fix you
for out fishing me. – It was better
when I was youngerand I could see the
eye of the hook. – Ya got one yet Larry? I’m back. – Keep
tying, keep tying. –
He’s already done. – That’s just not right. He’s still got young eyes. My eyes are getting bad. I’m getting, I’m a
little bit older. – Your old
eyes couldn’t tell thatwasn’t a fish. – Hey, what did Kevin say?It’s smells fishy around
here and swing on everything. What is the deal?Oh are you kidding me?I can’t believe
this, this is like,this is like 20
to nothing so far. – That’s a practice
one there but,- Hey, Kevin don’t
you know who you think I am?- Probably the
same person I think I am. – What am I doing wrong?I’m trying to figure it out. Oh yeah!- Alright. – Well finally- There you go Larry. – It’s not a
monster but its a fish. – It’s a good fish. – Yeah,
I got one. Oh they’re some good fighters. Gotta love it. You know, so used to
walleye fishing thatthat’s the deal Kevin, you know,I still got all this walleye
magic on my hands fromthe last couple days on Bagel. That úfinally I gotta touch
this bass a little bit, yeah. – You should take me
walleye fishing some time,get revenge. – Right, no,
I don’t think so. – THere’s some
more bass under there. – There’s probably about 30 of’em underneath there
if I caught one. I got one finally. Cute little bass. I like that. Oh, are you kidding me?That’s my dock? – There’s
more under there. Oh, whatever. – Fun size. A day like today,
throwing plastic,salt plastics like Kalin’s
wackos catching ’em like this. Perfect day. – Awesome. Hey, hey I got one. Now watch out. Kevin Van Damm Jr has arrived. Okay maybe I’d be senior he’s
a little bit younger thanI am. – Hey
speaking of which,have you been dying your hair?- What are you talking about? – Warrior world, it’s
a good place to be. You catch one more, I’m
gonna be hooked up to thatsizmic grub I’ll tell you that. – You start
fishing the drop shotand the sizmic grub and
you know it’s not a giantbut it’s about the 10th cast
with it so we’re hoping. – That’s not too shabby. – It’s a better sign
of things to come. – Hey
Kevin, what’s that,what’s that building
in front of you thathouse in front of you,
with a, a big flag. Is that what I think?- That’s the Governor’s Mansion. – Right there. That’s where our Governor lives?- Yeah we’ll just go up and
see if we can catch a fish onhis dock after we get
done fishing this hole. – Right. There we go. – It’s a biggen,
it’s a biggen dude. – Oh its a big fish,
this a big fish. I’m gonna back my
drag off a little bit. I only got 10 pounds. What do you bass
guys run? Like 110? Right? 40?- 14 is a lot
different than 10 whenyou got a fish like
that in the weed. – Oh look there
he is right there. – He’s a biggen. – Look at the
size of that bass. Look, there he
goes, look at him. – Look it,
here he comes again. – I thought you
bass guys always just,flip ’em right in but – Don’t you worry
about that buddy. – We don’t need no
nets see how that goes?That’s a nice fish. – There you go buddy. – Thank Kevin. Wow, look at that. That is absolutely a
tank, gotta love it. You know what?The old Kalin’s
comes through again. – Hey Kevin thanks
for a great day. You know what?This is the first time I ever
fished the Madison chain. It looks like a
great body of water. We had a lot of fun,
like we always do. And you know what?I learned a lot about fishing
small mouth and large mouth. And that to me is the
most important thing. Again, when it comes to
fishing you’re always learning. Hey, and I hope
everybody loves our show. And appreciate you watching it. And just remember, it’s
a great day to be alive. – If we went over in front
of the Governors Mansionand if he was home,
I’d pull out a Sun Dropand peanut butter
and jelly sandwich,I’ll guarantee ya,
as soon as he saw itcause the sun’s at
a perfect angle,saw that glimmer off
that sun drop bottle,I’ll guarantee ya he’d
be out on his dock. Hey what are you guys catching?I only have one Sun Drop leftand sorry to say I’m not
sharing it with any Governor. I don’t even know if I would
share my last Sun Drop withJennifer Lopez. – You’d
think by drinking thatyou wouldn’t have
to die your hair. – What are you talking about?What would make you think
that I would die my hair. That’s what women do.

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