Larry “THE” Legend Halloween Bait Review!

– What’s up, everybody?Larry the Legend here. Just got done with trick
or treatin’ last night. Wow, we got a lotta problems. People don’t know how to fish. You know the rules. Ratin’ the lures one through 10. If it don’t meet a 10,I’m not fishin’ with it. Let’s get started.
All right, first thing’s last. Hollow body frog, really?They never seen that before. Swim bait, hook point?Nope, . 2. Oh okay, throwin’ it
back to the ’80’s now. 2. 7. An 8. 1 on the gold spoon.
Really?You’re gonna put a
spinner bait in my bucket?You’re wastin’ my time, -2. Okay, I can’t complain about this. You’re trick or treatin’and you start gettin’
larger baits like this,the thing is, is it’s got
one, two, three, four, seven,it’s only got seven joints. If this thing had 12
or the 14 joints in it,it would really make,it would make the S. 6. 3 on this one. Nope, junk. This one’s got good
detail, kinda like a carp. 5. 8 on this one. Oh, someone got me the jerkinplage,yah?
Ow. Oh, see that right there?Dependability. Broke the hook on it. Junk, -8. We’re gettin’ somewhere now, guys. This is the toad runner. Not a good bait for the fall time. I would only use this bait in the spring,when the toads are comin’ out
of their migratory habitatof those deep reed lines. Good colors too. A 9 solid, but I’m not
goin’ fishin’ with ’em.
They, nope. And finally, there’s someone
that knows what’s goin’ on. I put it in my bucket myself. Two Berkley Dredger crankbaits. You gotta put the split ring
onto the eye of the next bait. Very, very key. But the best thing,you gotta have a trailer. The Berkley MaxScent
Flat Worm on the trailer. When this bait runs in the fall time,it’s a fall time bait. It ain’t gonna work all the time. Don’t go throwin’ it in the summer, okay?Cool water, fall bassin’. And this bait’s gonna walk. Once it hits the bottom, it’s gonna roll. You ever see balls of bait rollin’ around?All the time. You never see any bass lures roll. I’ve once caught tarpin on this,right here in the creek, at my house. That’s what gets those fish to bite. When that back one’s rollin’,it knows it’s a minnow in distressand the bass is gonna press. I’m gonna give this bait a 12. 3. I’m goin’ fishin’ with
this bait right now.

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