Late Winter Bass Fishing on Lake Gaston… Caught a STUD!

Talk about some crazy morning action!! This winter hasn’t been huge for numbers…..but the size is there! Got on a sweet bite as soon as we hit the water on Lake Gaston this past Sunday. Jigs and jerk baits got the job done for us – and I caught a 6.7 lbr in the first 15 minutes.

Lake Gaston is where Ace and I first got our feet wet bass fishing and it will always be one of my favorite places to fish. We have spent hundreds of hours out there, and while we’re no pros and we don’t know the entire lake, we generally do not feel “lost”. Truthfully, it’s been years since Ace and I have gotten out on Gaston to fish together, and I’m really happy we had the chance to do that this past weekend.

Hope you all enjoyed this video, and I hope you’re ready for more coming this week!
I’m fishing with Mike (1rod1reelfishing) tomorrow, and I’m getting my musky hunt on either Thursday or Sunday….
Stay tuned fish fam.


Tunes by Andrew Apple Pie


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36 Replies to “Late Winter Bass Fishing on Lake Gaston… Caught a STUD!”

  1. Fish at Lizard Creek I was in a house there and I saw a huge shadow come up and snap my line

  2. Where is the railroad bed on gaston located whould like to go fish that lake

  3. I live in roanoke rapids and i fish this lake all the time and win some tournments here to

  4. so glad i just found your channel. i just got into bass fishing last summer when my parents got a house over on lake gaston. im over in hampton roads. pretty awesome to see you guys fishing a lot of places around me plus videos at gaston are hard to find! keep it up dudes!

  5. Did you say whether you were on the NC or Va side?
    I caught an almost 10, maybe 10 right before the last snow storm we had.
    I will be up there a lot this year.

  6. So glad I just stumbled upon your guys' channel! Your videos are great! Hey man I have a channel too that I dedicate a lot of time to.. If you ever wanna come out here to Northeast Iowa I have a couple fire ponds! 1 that we pull 5 pounders out of with frogs all day!

  7. Damn yall crushed em yall need a teach me how to use a jerkbait! Thats the one bait i cant seem to catch a fish on

  8. Those low volume tunes in the background are awesome. Another great video! Keep it up guys! 🇺🇸

  9. Can you do a rod arsenal video? I looked for one in your list and couldn't find one.

  10. Looks like a great morning on the water. Scotthollywood and I need to get down to Gaston and do some practicing. Nice boat too, buddy. 😉

  11. Boi be slaying pigs this year! Whenever you wanna get a 2 on 2 going, we can go fish Burke or out of bull run? Or if you need one to fill your boat I'm always fishing anyways!

  12. I actually have a tournament with the B.A.S.S NC high school western division February 26th. We are hoping to do good and place high to push us up in points for the trail. would be awesome. got any advice? we are not to familiar with the lake, I myself have only fished it once with pretty good success

  13. Out of all the fishing channels I follow, Googan Squad, Flukemaster, LFG, I swear you guys catch the most 5+lbers

  14. Awesome I like the nitro and that was a hog. The finesse jig is the only thing I've been able to get bites on

  15. That's cool! I live in NC! I'm guessing this is in the northern part of the state. Cause I live in the southern part of NC and I haven't ever heard of this lake.

  16. great video man! nice fish and i think we have the same gloves lol they look similar even the palm grip haha!

  17. Yo, I subbed…I’m in Alexandria and new to bass fishing. Learning a lot from you and Mike (1rod1reel). Hope to catch up with y'all on a lake sometime. Like the channel, keep ’em coming!

  18. you always manage to catch the winter hogs! im so jealous! i fished for 5 hours at 3 different ponds and caught 3 dinks….. smh

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