Medaka Ricefish Giveaway – Livestream #156

Welcome to our weekly fish geek-out session where we discuss aquariums, fish keeping, fish breeding, selling fish, shipping fish, and answer questions and generally chat about the tropical fish hobby. Also, you might win some stuff!

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Here at Dan’s Fish, we do random giveaways. When we do giveaways, here are Youtube’s Community Guidelines which we follow: Any entries which don’t comply with Youtube’s guidelines will be disqualified.

Winners will be chosen at random. Participants must be 18 years of age or older. No purchase is necessary. Prizes will only sent within the continental USA and to Hawaii, provided winners in Hawaii submit all required permits and paperwork in a timely manner. Youtube is not a sponsor of any contest or giveaway conducted on the Dan’s Fish channel and participation indicates that participant releases Youtube from any and all liability related to these contests and giveaways.

You must be present in the livestream to win. Winners must send an email to dan@dansfish.com accepting their prize within 24 hours of the announcement that they have won, or the prize is forfeit. The email must include your first name, last name, and mailing address. Your email may be added to the DansFish.com mailing list and used for public relations, marketing, and promotion for this company and for Dan Hodnett’s other companies and interests, but it will never be sold to an interest of which Dan Hodnett is not a part.

No guarantee or warranty is given or implied in connection to any contest or giveaway. No prizes are guaranteed in any way nor is the delivery of any prize guaranteed. Dan’s Fish reserves the right to refuse to send any prize to anyone at any time for any reason.


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