Mega Chomp Reviewer ‘3 Lure Special’ Trial Offer!

I have a friend and client, Johnny Smith who’s along with his family has a regional lure company that they want our help to take ‘national’! So, they have tasked me with finding quality, socially active (means posting to their Instagram/Facebook fishing accounts)

This guy has been making and fishing his own designed, custom made quality lures for over 25 years! He has several pros that fish his lures to catch big, ‘kicker’ fish to help them win tournaments. Here’s the ‘rub’! Because these pros have national lure companies they are contracted through, they can’t give Mega Chomp lures the publicity they deserve!


Field Reviewer Special; 3 Mega Chomp Lures, Free USPS, $15.99

Very limited supplies on hand, so get this great ‘field reviewer’ special package ordered and on it’s way to your US address, Today!


Chubby BHO Spnrbait, Chubby JIg, Inline Buzzbait
List Favorite Colors, 1,2,n 3
Free USPS to US Addresses

Once you’ve received these fish catching lures, do 1 thing, Go Fish Them!

If you’re a socially active bass fisherman/woman with an active and growing Instagram fishing account, then there maybe be a Pro or Field Staff position available for you! We have openings for active bass fishermen all over the USA to fish lures, post pictures and videos, and get a ‘real’ Field or Pro Staff position with some quality fishing vendors we represent!

Email me, Randy Yancey, with a brief fishing bio or resume on yourself, and I’ll respond with what positions we may have open to you!

Or, go here to apply, and we’ll reply promptly with either your ‘approval’ or suggestions with which you can build on, on how to grow bigger and get social recognition within the bass fishing industry!

Apply Here,

Good Luck, and Tight lines,

the ‘Old Dirty Basser’ original, Randy Yancey, Springfield, Missouri!

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