Megabass XPod Topwater Fishing for Largemouth Bass

Big BASS Dreams. The foundation of this brand and movement. We appreciate your patience over the summer as we’ve been focusing on the special saltwater based adventures we’ve never seen in our lifetimes. Hopefully you guys see the value in it as we have that has made us BETTER anglers overall.

Back to our regularly scheduled programming of both smallmouth and largemouth bass focused content mixed in the with continued chase for special moments through our saltwater fishing adventures.

With the summer coming to an end and entering the fall transition, we get pumped to start fishing bigger topwater baits like the Megabass XPod.

This is a very underutilized walk the dog bait with a special one knock sound and very unique 7 position adjustable lower lip that totally changes the swimming action of the lure.

It’s proven to be a great lure for us when we are looking for a bigger bite and need to create more presence in the water that the bigger bass are drawn too.

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Video has become one of the most valuable learning tools in fishing, as important to learn from as watching “tape” is in any sport. The only thing that beats it is actually LIVING it.

Tackle Breakdown –

Shimano High Speed Reels –

Megabass Orochi XX Swingfire –

Megabass XPod –

Sunline PEx8 50lb Braid

Sunline FC Flourocarbon Leader 15lb

Owner ST-35 Short Shank Treble Hook

Yeti Hopper 12

Big Bass Dreams Custom DREAM Snapback

Stormr Sun Protection Shirt


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