Monster Frog Blow Ups! Ft. Bully Wa 2

TacticalBassin and River2Sea joined forces to see how many giant bass would blow up on the topwater Frog. If you haven’t fished it yet and you like topwater explosions, you need to give this hollow body frog a try! The Bully Wa 2 is an easy to walk frog and is a bass catching machine!

During filming we caught both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass with it. Some of the largest frog blowups we’ve ever had came when we took it to the California Delta. In all our years of frog fishing I’ve never seen such vicious topwater blowups!

Frog Fishing is one of the most addicting ways there is to catch a bass! When its time for summer bass fishing you should really consider trying the Bully Wa 2! Its great for fishing around grass, fishing cheese, or flipping tullies. We even caught some of our best fishing walking the frog in open water! Give it a try and let us know how it goes!

The products used in this video…

Bully Wa 2 Frog:
Dobyns 736 Rod:
Curado 200 Reel:
65 Lb Power Pro Braided Line:

Camera Used:

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