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Glenn May: Hey, folks. Glenn May here with
BassResource. com. I’m here at ICAST 2015 atthe Mustad booth. Look who I found, Kevin
VanDam. Kevin, thanks for being with us today. Kevin VanDam: Oh, man, I’m glad to be here.
Hooks are a really, really, really big deal. If you’re a bass angler like myself, that’s
your direct connection to the fish so we takeit really seriously. The great thing is the
guys at Mustad understand that, and they allowus to design the types of hooks that we need
to be very specific. That’s what everybodywants to have, is they’ve got to have the
perfect hook for your soft plastic or forwhatever crank bait or jerk bait it is. So
we’re getting more and more specialized everyyear, and that’s with the new hooks that I’ve
got today to show you. That’s exactly whatthey’re for. Glenn: Yeah, tell me what you have here. Kevin: Well first off, in treble hooks, we’ve
got a lot of them. The KVD Treble has reallyset the standard in crank bait fishing. But
we want to be on the cutting edge and alwayshave those specialized applications. So we
came out with a new round bend. It’s extrastrength, extra, extra short shank on it,
and it comes from an eight all the way upto a number two, and we do a three and a five
too. So it’s eight, six, four, three, five,we got all those sizes . . . Glenn: You can fit them just about any crank
bait, huh?Kevin: For small square bills, you can put
an over-sized hook that’s going to be realstrong so you can fish it on heavy line and
have a hook that’s not going to tangle, andit’s an ultra-point too so you know it’s super
sharp. So it’s just real short so you canget it to fit on just about any bait. So very
specialized, a deal, but something that’sreally important if you’re a bass fisherman
like myself. Glenn: Absolutely. Yeah, that’s critical,
making sure that that hook doesn’t get caughtup in that line when you cast it out there,
and it’s going to tangle your bait. That’sa great . . . Kevin: You want to be able to have it hold
up to 14 or 17 pound line without flexingit out. So you don’t have to go to a small
hook to have it tangle, you can still havea strong hook and get the performance you
need. Glenn: Right. That makes total sense. Kevin: So that’s a key treble hook. We’ve
got the new light wire version of the KVDGrip-Pin. So it’s an offset, wide gap, ultra-point
hook, but it’s got that Grip-Pin on there. So when you rig your soft plastic on there,
it’s not going to slide down, it’s not goingto ball up on the hook, and you’re not going
to use near as many baits. When you catcha fish on it, it’s not necessarily going to
tear up. So we’ve had this in the line inthe past with just a standard wire, but now
we got a new light wire version. So for alot of your finesse applications, soft stick
worms, things like that where you want a lightwire hook to have a slower fall or lighter
line application, we’ve got the light wireversion of that now too. Glenn: You can Texas rig some drop shots with
that. Kevin: Absolutely. It goes all the way down
to a number four so you can put some verysmall finesse baits on there. You can also
go up to a big seven inch stick worm too witha 6/0. So we’ve got all the sizes there to
be able to make that work. Then last but notleast, for anybody that’s a big fan of throwing
braided line and flipping heavy cover, we’vegot an extra heavy duty version of the Grip-Pin
Max. So this hook, we have in a standard. It’s pretty heavy to begin with, and it comes
with a black Grip-Pin. So we made this onered so you can tell them apart in your tackle
box. So you know-, you can see . . . Glenn: That is really stout. Kevin: It’s built for flipping mats and things
like that with 65 pound braid. So this hookis not going to flex. Again, it’s an ultra-point
so even though it’s a big diameter, you canreally drive it home. All specialty bass hooks
. . . the Grip-Pin is just a real game changerthough for fishing soft plastics. It’s molded
on there, it doesn’t bend, it doesn’t slidedown. It’s the best hook keeper system there
is on the planet, and it makes a big difference. You’re going to catch more bass because you
use that Grip-Pin on there. Glenn: You know, there’s a lot of innovations
I see coming out of Mustad. What type of thingsdo you see . . . where are hooks going in
the future? What kind of trends are you seeing?Kevin: Well, it’s amazing to me that we continue
to keep doing this. Just in the last fiveyears, the technology has gotten better to
where everything’s better. We’re buildingstronger hooks, better tampering, better finishes,
all these unique applications designs, andthat’s the thing. It’s just getting more and
more specialized. I think what we’re goingto see a lot in the future is a lot more finesse
type applications. Some of the places, especiallyaround the world, they’re getting a lot more
pressure. So you’re going to see some specialtyrigging hooks, some specialty applications,
and a lot more, I think lighter wire versions. So that’s one of the things we looked at this
year. Glenn: Fantastic. Well, thanks for spending
time with us today, Kevin. Appreciate it. Mustad hooks, check them out.

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