NED RIG Winter Bass Fishing

Winter Bass fishing can be tough. The NED RIG can catch Bass even in the toughest conditions. It is the perfect finesse bait to catch those tip lipped finicky bass. In this video my Dad and I go to some local farm ponds to do some Bass fishing. I knew the Bass would be slow and lethargic in the cold water. I wanted a finesse bait that I could fish slow and entice some strikes. The Ned Rig proved to be the perfect bait. In this video I also talk about how I fish the Ned Rig and give some tips on how to catch Bass with the Ned Rig. Don’t be intimidated by Winter Bass fishing. Pick up some Ned Rigs and go catch some Bass!

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24 Replies to “NED RIG Winter Bass Fishing”

  1. loved the video. I have never seen someone actually show how to fish a ned rig. I was curious how big was the jig size

  2. "Ned rig" is huge now but it's just a jig head and a worm and I've been doing it before it was cool lol

  3. This was a great video! Gonna have to try out the NED rig. I liked and sub’d. Hope you’ll sub back!

  4. jig dragged slow on the bottom is my go to winter but looks like I need give that "turd" rig a try 😂😂

  5. new subscriber here ….. congrats on 1k!! check us out if you have time we are trying to get to 500 subs THANKS!!!

  6. Try out the big senko grubs sometime. Theyre 4 or 5 inch i believe and fish good on a jighead or texas rig

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