Neko Rig Senko Fishing – How to Catch Bass With a Wacky Neko RIg

How do you catch bass when the bite is slow? Fish a Neko Rig Senko. A Neko Rig Senko (stick bait) is similar to a wacky rig but it has one major difference. There is a weight in one end of the bait. I am using a screw as my weight so that it doesn’t fall out when casting. Adding the screw changes how the senko behaves in the water. Instead of a slow flutter to the bottom as it sinks, the neko rig senko falls straight to the bottom. The screw weight also helps the bait stand up straight as you twitch the lure. This makes it appear as if the bait is tapping on the bottom, and the screw may actually “tap” if its on rocks of gravel. I am fishing this rig in shallow weedy water today. I manage to catch two nice bass to add to the list of fish caught on the $15 combo. If you are trying to figure out how to catch bass when the bite is slow, try a Neko Rig Senko. Its just as easy as a wacky rig, all you need is a small screw.


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