Neko Rig Vs. Shaky Head – Best Finesse Bass Fishing

Bass fishing tournament professional and finesse fishing smallmouth bass expert Seth Feider is excited about the new the new weedless neko rig hook from VMC (http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/VMC_Ike_Approved_Weedless_Neko_Hook_5pk/descpage-VMCWNH.html?from=ikedup), a weedless version of the hook he used to catch all his smallmouth bass at Mille Lacs. This hook is great for wacky rig, neko rig and dropshot. Catch bass and get hung up less with this new hook for 2017 from VMC.

Seth talks about the neko rig technique, which he describes as a cross between wacky rigging and a shaky head. Seth talks about how to rig the neko rig, and how to fish the bait. Feider and Hite answers some smallmouth bass fishing questions. Feider talks about the difference between various finesse rigs, including the shaky head & dropshot, and why he’s fishing more wacky and neko rig.

Hite talks about the new Rapala Balsa Xtreme squarebill crankbait (http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Rapala_Balsa_Xtreme_Brat_Squarebill_Crankbait/descpage-RBEBSB.html?from=ikedup)


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