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welcome to New Hampshire’s wild side I’m
Mark Beauchesne and I’m Christina Luppiwe’ll take you behind the scenes of the
New Hampshire Fish and Game Departmentto learn more about the people and
projects of your wildlife agency we’llshare with you tips and tactics to help
you make the most of your time while inNew Hampshire’s woods and waters and
along the way you’ll meet real peoplewho love life outdoors
now let’s discover more about NewHampshire’s wild sideI got started in this it’s a
bit of a long story with ManchesterMemorial High School they started to
trap team my freshman year and I’vealways been interested in being part of
a team because I have medical conditionsthat prevent me from doing anything
contact or track-and-field related so Iwent home to my mom and told her hey I’m
gonna join the trap team and she’slike track you can’t you can’t run so
I’m like no trap like shotgun shootingand she turns to me she goes you’ve
never shot a shotgun in your life whyshe always told me to try new things so
we went to the intro shoot and theythrew targets for the new kids to trythe first shot she missed the secondshot she hit she turned around with the
biggest smile on her face and said Ineed one of these she has been hooked
ever sincemy very first competition was MA State
shoot three years ago. was really excited I was happy because I
got to do something part of a team andadrenaline rush was huge for me I just
had like a whole lot of adrenaline I wasreally excited I was jumpy I was so
ready to go oh I was so excited to beable to get like a five on on the field
in general and now, now it’s a bigdifference so I’m excited when I get
fives on each stations or 20sAIM is a youth organization under the umbrella of
the Amateur trap shooters association andit AIM stands for academics integrity
and marksmanship and it’s designed tohelp the kids get from entry level
shooters and hopefully stay in theprogram through adulthood. I’ve been doing this for around three
years now I originally started shootingwhen I was eight years old I started off
with handguns and moved my way upI started in hunter-safety and Mike our
coach , he at the end he’s like doesanybody want to do trap shooting?my first competition was a little nervous and we got there and I was in the first
round with all the adults and it wasdoubles so two of them went up and I
think I did I think I came in third outof five adults. this is like a like a very close family.
being able to be part of the team isreally huge in a sense for me I love the
fact that you have the camaraderie as agroup of not just people that know each
other but almost like a separate family in a sense. this has been the coolest ever
I have enjoyed watching the studentscome alive and it’s just been I was just
talking with Holden’s dad a little while agoit’s like it’s just been really fun
watching him blossom out you know hecame with an old pump shotgun and you
know he shot my gun one weekend and nowhe’s got a new gun and just smash it’s
just so cool you know new talent come upI’d love to do it the rest of my life
it’s a fun sport and you get to me a lotof new people. I definitely see this as a
lifelong sport because it’s a lot ofpeople that you get to meet and how much
fun it is and the adventures youbasically get to go on in this.
Collegiality, one of the most onionscholarships that I know of is female
shooting so I definitely want to go forscholarships in that. to see them succeed, to set a realistic goal and come backto the line and be like I hit five you
know and then have that number slowlyprogressed to you know I did a 23 today
or for them to sit there and go I justget my first 25 and you go yeah and
they’re like oh my gosh you know thatwhole the light up the the camaraderie
that they do and nobody’s trying tooutdo the other person because you’re
trying to beat yourself. There’s some kids needed organization and they need to besomething like this they need to be
outside they need to be doing somethingthat connects them with culture and
history and the trapshooting gets themwith the shotguns and everything it’s
it’s just a cool experience for them. Each year New Hampshire Fish and Game’s
hunter education program with the helpof over 450 volunteer instructors trains
over 3,000 students in hunter andtrapper education. learn more about
hunting in New Hampshire at HuntNH. comhi we’re at the Seacoast we’re gonna go
exploring in the intertidal zone let’sgo see what we can findthe intertidal zone is the area where
the ocean meets the land. this is the area where we’ll find tidal pools. tidal pools are formed as the tide goes outwater and critters like the striped
killifish and sticklebacks they gettrapped in the rocky poolsthese unique habitats are a fun place to
explore. tidal pools provide feeding opportunities for seabirds and water birds like these common eiders it allowsthem to hone their fish catching skillsoh look a hermit crabhermit crabs don’t have a shell when
they’re born they have to find a snailshell to live in as they grow bigger
they have to switch out their shells andto find one that fits them better. okay let’s put him back in the waterhere’s a green crab they are not native
and are considered invasivehere we have a sand shrimp. They are fast swimmers with a translucent body makingthem difficult to seelifting rocks moving seaweed can reveal
lots of hidden creaturestry to replace rocks right where you
found themthat was so much fun. Tide Pooling is a
great activity to do with kids or forthe young at heart you never know what
you’re gonna find so get outside andexplorelate summer is the perfect time to visit
Great Bay Discovery Center you mighteven get to touch a horseshoe crab or
you may find a horseshoe crab molt whileyou discover Great Bay. hey guys it’s me Laura from the morning buzz. Another year for our lend a helping hand radio auction
fishing trip. This year things turned outa little different. this is the O’Rourke
family from Manchester New Hampshire nowGail I bought this for her husband Steve
as a gift I think Steve found out he wasgoing to be fishing against me got a
little nervous and decided his daughterJulia who got a great report card
deserve this as they surprise. so weknow Steve’s afraid to fish against me
and it was so great of him to donatethis to his daughter Julia. Julia, are you
ready to go fishing?Yeah, let’s go. okay Julie if we’re gonna cast right now
okaywhat we do is we’re gonna leave the worm
these are our wacky worm so the best youcan hold this flip this over go back
just like in your softball when you’rebatting you’re gonna throw it and you
let go then flip this over and thenyou’re gonna start whacking your wormOh I feel it!You gotta keep you pole down. C’mong fishes eat my worm. Eat my sugar sticknot even a fighti still feel like i’m going to winoh I lost him. see it didn’t count. I reeled him in and I lost him so it doesn’t count. You have it get them on board for it to count. Fish on!How Big?That’s a tiny one!shhhh. we don’t want to put that one on. c’mon big guy I know you’re there. is that a fish?I got himisn’t it great?Can i throw him back in? Thank you fishy fish. is it a branch? It’s not fighting me. Now he’s fighting. That’s a big oneThat’s what we like. A little jump to make a nice picture. I got it!well Julia I want to thank you so much
for coming out fishing with me did youhave a good time?yeah
What was your favorite part of today?Catching a fish and the ride. Don’t you love that feeling of catching a fish the
shakes maybe you smile do you thinkyou’re gonna stick with fishing? Awesome!we hope you enjoyed
this episode of New Hampshire’s wildsideremember to check back to see new
content on NH wildside. com Until nexttime I’m Mark Beauchesne and I’m
Christina Luppi. thanks for watchingthanks for watching to learn more about
life outdoors and New Hampshire Fish andGame, check out these videos and remember
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