Largemouth Bass Nation

Dripping springs largemouth bass!


A Different Spin on Drop Shotting

This video is brought to you by: Sportsmen’s Direct : Follow us on facebook at: … source

BASS Nation teams win, Somerset Dam

BASS Nation teams championship was in QLD this year and we went back to back for the Championship Win. Click below to SUBSCRIBE to…

The Process – Big Bass Dreams

Intro Video source

Topwater Frog Fishing w/ Big Blowups!

Topwater frog fishing with big bass blowups! Sometimes when it gets hot in the middle of the day you just have to pull the…

Bass (large mouth) & tilapia fishing @ Pantabangan dam!

Tawis at Tilapia sa Pantabangan Nueva Ecija! source

Big Smallmouth Bass Actively Spawning

Check out these two big smallmouth bass in the act of spawning in this great underwater video shot by Kyle Peterson. It’s always cool…

First day fishing on the channel

This was the first time fishing on the channel, wasn’t very successful but still caught something source

[ANGLERS] Black Bass con Spinnerbait #5

A finales de verano el sofocante calor de Julio y Agosto está acabando, los Basses abandonan los fríos fondos de nuestros embalses y vuelven…

Ice Fishing Catching Largemouth and Rock Bass (Suprise Catch)

Its been a grind this last week filming and editing. Go check out our other recent videos on our channel and subscribe! Stay updated…

Getting Ready for a Bass Fishing Tournament- Tournament Prep

My first bass fishing tournament of the year is a kayak bass fishing tournament down in Florida. If I win it I will qualify…

Square Bill Crankbaits for Smallmouth Bass – Cranking Rock with Square Bills

Here is a link to some of my favorite square bills! Square Bills are a great crankbait for bass and Eric and I got…

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