Pattern Bass Fishing – Run & Gun for Bigger Tournament Fish

Bass tournament angler and pattern fishing expert Bryan Thrift talks about how to run & gun for big fish. Bryan discusses how to fish structure and cover (like docks and brushpiles) with baits like jigs, jerkbaits and squarebills. Thrift also talks about using his Humminbird electronics to locate brushpiles and get back to them quickly to catch more fish. Bryan shares how run & gun fishing can help you catch bigger fish, because you’re fishing fast, covering more water and presenting your lure to more unmolested aggressive bass throughout your tournament day.

Also learn how to skip a jig, and the best jig to fish (Thrift uses the Damiki Mamba Jig Lastly, learn how to use the jig to imitate 2 types of forage on the same cast.

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