Pre Spawn Bass Fishing With Topwater Frogs

Hey Folks! I have a lot of footage from last week that I need to go through and edit. The first two clips are from May 6th and the third clip is from the 8th.

Background Info: So we finally had some warm weather in Washington. On the 3rd and 4th, we had temps in the upper 70s. Then the temp dropped about 15-20 degrees for the weekend. Then it dropped another 10-15 degrees. The water temp on Monday was 6 degrees lower than it was on Saturday. I’m glad that there were still some toads shallow on Monday because that is when I caught my 5.20 lber on a frog!

Rod & Reel:
7’3″ XH Daiwa Ballistic Casting Rod
Curado 201HG

65 lb TUF-Line 4orce

Savage Gear Popping Frog

GoPro Hero 3+ Silver Edition

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I want to do more Multi-Species fishing this year. For example, River or Ocean fishing for Salmon or just Saltwater Fishing in General. If you take me out for a day of that, I will take you out for a day of Bass Fishing. If you’re interested, send me an email at FishingThePNW@Live.com

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