Pre Spawn, Spawn and Post Spawn Bass Fishing

In this video Pro-Angler Colton Posey explains what baits he uses during the Pre-Spawn, Spawn and Post-Spawn to target largemouth and spotted bass also a little added bonus he answers one of his fans questions about fishing muddy water during the spring! Thanks for watching as always here is the links to the baits and equipment used also don’t forget to like and subscribe if you find the content usable!

Line- Seaguar Fluorocarbon(your preference)
Seaguar SmackDown Braid

Reels- Lews or Daiwa

Rods- Duckett Green Ghost and Triad Series

Yum Baits-

Booyah Baits-

Strike King Jerkbaits-

Hooks Gamakatsu- Wacky rig-


Swim Jig-


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