Pre-Spawn Staging Bass Part 2

Be sure to watch part 1 of this 2 part episode.

We are Slow Fishing Zoom Texas Rigged Trick Worms

After 5 looooong months of knee rehab I am so excited to bring you more content! Enjoy our adventure!
Fish stuck in the cattails and catching a fish while on the phone??

We are fishing a cool morning on February 23rd, 2020 in upstate South Carolina. My good friend Rick found the largemouth bass grouped up in an area about 40×60 feet off the bank. This was the first time I experienced the pre-spawn transitioning grouping behavior of the bass. Rick caught numerous back to back in this small area before I even got one bait in the water! We moved over and cast into the spot he was hitting and had instant success, the bass were indeed grouped up and eager to feed.

Elijah insisted on throwing a fluke to start with but instantly with my help, he transitioned to fishing a Texas rigged trick worm on my baitcaster. He was eager to get his first 2020 bass and together we made it happen. A wonderful memory that I am truly blessed to have captured on film.

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Lews American Hero Rod

Zoom trick worm

Bullet weight kit

Offset Worm Hook 2/0

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10lb Mono Fishing Line

Filmed on a GoPro Hero 6

128GB microSD Card

Edited in Davinci Resolve Software

Laptop MSI GS75

I could not locate the Fish Stalker worms online, it a local vendor. If you DM me on Instagram at Bald_Bass_Fishing I will do my best to get it ordered for you.

Towards the end, Rick does end up throwing a small rooster tail and has success with several bass. If you want more info on that rooster tail leave a comment below or DM my instagram.


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