Punching for Bass EPIC Techniques and Tricks

Punching Lake Okeechobee for bass is always epic and one of the most techniques when fishing for trophy largemouth bass. With Florida spring coming it’s time to brush up on our punching skills and lay out some of the inside details from fishing rods and reels, baits, terminal tackle, and fishing tips for where – when – and how to target bass in heavy vegetation.

On Lake Okeechobee the best time of year to use this fishing technique is from October to April – basically what most people call winter is an elongated spring pre-spawn period for fish. This means waves of bass staging and spawning throughout these months and punching is a great way to target them. in the vid we highlight how to fish for bass in emergent vegetation like cattails, bully whips, and lily pads, as well as mats like hydrilla, penny wort, and hyacinth. If you want to learn how to punch for bass it’s all right here.


What’s the gear in the video? You can find it all below

Reel Shimano Curado

Camera – GoPro Hero 5 Black

Reins Tungsten

Dobyns Champion Extreme MH 795

Power Pro Slick 65lbs Braid

Gambler Megadaddy

Gambler Crawdaddy

Hack Attack Flipping Hook

Gambler BB Cricket

Gambler Burner Craw

Gambler Why Not

6th Sense Bobber Stoppers

Double Weedguard Jig


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40 Replies to “Punching for Bass EPIC Techniques and Tricks”

  1. Great vid man. Just moved to Florida, never flipped before. This video is probably the most informative and interesting one I've seen. Can't wait to try it out soon

  2. Do you ever use scents for punching? I wonder if i am wasting my time doing it…
    Thanks for your Time dude

  3. Quit giving away all our secrets. lol. That was probably the best flipping video I've ever seen. Have you ever broken any sticks flipping because the weight comes back & hits it? I've broke two now. Wish I could get that on video in slow motion.

  4. New subscriber here think this is the 3rd video I watched and man I like your style! I love hearing that line cry when your pitching into some heavy cover. I havnt had the pleasure of punching any real " THICK" stuff here in the central valley of california but man I love get that reaction bite! Keep up the videos check me out sometime new YouTuber here!

  5. Have you ever used the ugly otter as a trailer?? Used it for the first time in one of my recent videos and man the bass killed it!

  6. When you use a mega daddy as a jig trailer are you biting any of it off or just using the plastic whole?

  7. Do you hold back on your hook set at all to avoid blowing the fish's mouth open with the weight? Or do you just hammer em?

  8. Punching new to me here in Florida. Thanks Like being in college again. Not too early now?

  9. I am taking aweek off in 2018 to fish Florida. can we hoo up for a few days? Let me know? You are a florida phenom.

  10. Mikey, I’ve been watching you for years and every year, your videos get better and better man!!! Thank you so much for your advice and keep up the great work! Going to put these techniques and tips soon! Tight lines my friend!!!

  11. Coming down to Okeechobee for the first time next Fri-Sun! Thanks for the tips. Hopefully our guides don't force us to fish live shiners the whole time.

  12. Text book as usual. When you going to make it back up to Rodman or lochloosa? You know you want to.

  13. Funny listening you speak from florida about punching when the water is cooler. Over here in New York punching season isnt untill the heart of summer time post spawn when the vegetation surfaces together. Love your channel dude, keep it up!

  14. Man I could listen to this all day. I wish I could be doing some punching where I'm at. But we're getting into that fall bite finally so topwater is getting hot, weird weather though. Been.down as low as 36 and today was 75 so things are dragging and fish have been in and out or in between. Most of the vegetation hasn't started dying yet. Once it does I'm gunna pull my frogs and big weights out and get to work!! I like these kind of videos.

  15. Awesome! Glad to see people are finally catching on, congrats on 20k! Probably Youtube's most underrated fishing channel great vid we appreciate you sharing your knowledge!

  16. Awesome brother well said thats how we do florida bass 👊👊 ….lol I member them D&M vids my favorite one was the newt vid.. Classic. Bro we gotta fish together I got a spot called Jurassic Park! But thats old school bank fishin 👊👊

  17. Man you are taking us to bass school! Awesome stuff man these type of vids are some of my favorites. Great info!

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