Raising lots of largemouth bass fry!

You are the Father! ( Maury voice )

Get the baby brine shrimp shown in the video here! Click the link!

Below is what I use to breed my angelfish and record my videos. I buy these items on Amazon. If you would like to buy an item I use just click the link. Clicking on a link will help support the channel. Thank you!

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The items below are what I use to record my videos!

My powerful camera! What I use to record all my videos! Click the link to check out the camera I use to film my videos!

My GoPro! For hands free and underwater shots! Cheap and good quality. 150 dollars.

My GoPro Headstrap!

Items I recommend for breeding angelfish and planted tanks.

If you want to breed angelfish and do not know what to feed them, order some baby brine shrimp from Amazon and start hatching them for your baby angelfish.
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These are very quiet airpumps that I use for all my tanks! Airpumps are used for a few different things! I use them to power my sponge filters when are perfect for baby fish!
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My choice of sponge filters! Click the link below to order some through Amazon!

If you are into planted tanks and always trim your plants and aquascape, then check out this planting tool kit that I bought from Amazon!
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The best thing to use to make your tap water safe! This is the only water conditioner I use when changeing out the water in my fish tanks! This will remove all of the chlorine in the water!
Click the link below to order prime water conditioner! from Amazon!

This is a python water changer hose! I use this to change out the water in my fish tanks! No more buckets! I ordered mine through Amazon!
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