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I tell you, this boat has so much storage
you would not know you were not in a high-performance,fiberglass bass boat. The new Ranger Aluminum
Line is absolutely awesome. It can accommodateeight foot rods. It’s got the tubes in it,
just like the big brother, the Ranger Z Series. You’ve got so much leg room. You have a fiberglass
console, with enough leg room to accommodatea guy that weighs 225 pounds at six foot three.
It is just amazing what they put togetherin such a small package. The one thing that I want to talk about that
is so impressive, Ranger has a product thatthey designed and they manufactured that’s
called Pultrusion. Pultrusion is strongerthan steel, about seven or eight times stronger
than steel per weight, and they put theirPultrusion product in this transom. It is
a product that is lightweight, extremely thin,and small. Pultrusion is a miracle product
that is exclusive to Ranger boats. If youever look at a Ranger boat, 10 years later
after you’ve taken a big Mercury 250 horsepower across Lake Erie, you still don’t have
any stress cracks. That’s primarily becauseof Pultrusion. That’s their exclusive, patented,
Ranger owned product. So, this aluminum boat has Pultrusion braced
transom. So this transom, a hundred yearsfrom now, will be just like it is today. It’s
not going anywhere. It is absolutely awesome. I’ll show you the rest of the boat. One, you’ve
got more storage than any aluminum boat thatyou’ve ever looked at. You’ve got rod lockers
that will accommodate eight foot rods forprofessional rods and reels, again, a lot
of storage, great live wells in the back,strength; we’re going to talk about that in
a second. Recessed trolling motors, just like its big
brother, the Z Series bass boat, the Rangeris built perfect. This thing is solid. It
is not like most aluminum boats. When theybuild them to achieve upright flotation, the
vast majority of aluminum built boats willhave compartments that they put blocks of
foam in for upright flotation. I had the privilegeof going down to Ranger and touring the plant,
and actually watch them make these boats. This whole process throughout this boat, they
have tubes where they shoot the Styrofoamin the boat. So this boat from A to Z is covered
with foam to get it a full, upright flotationjust like the big brother, the Z boat. When
you look at aluminum boats and you want tocompare, dollar for dollar no one has ever
built an aluminum boat like this new Rangerseries and dollar for dollar it is absolutely
the greatest value in bass boats.

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