Seaguar Fluorocarbon Flippin Line Review | Bass Fishing

Hey folks Glenn May here with BassResource. com
and today I want to talk to you about theSeagiar Fluro Flippin’ line. When Seaguar came to me and said, “Hey I want
you to try this line out and give us yourhonest review. “I said,”Well alright I’ll do that under one
stipulation, that is I will get free reignto say whatever I want even if I don’t like
it. You guys good with that?” and they said, “Bring
it!”I thought, “Wow that’s pretty bold, but okay
we’ll give it a try. “So this for fluoro Flippin’ line is in 25
pound test that I’ve been using. And I’ve been using it since before it for
came out on the market. So I’ve had it for about a year now. I’ve been playing around with it quite a bit,
flipping tubes in really clear water and somewhatopen vegetation. Because fluorocarbon, Seaguar was the one
who invented fluorocarbon so it’s it’s reallygood, it’s clear, almost invisible in clear
water. But the thing is with this, remember when
fluorocarbon, if you’ve been fishing it fora while, remember when fluorocarbon first
came out, it was kinda wiry, a little bithard to manage, it would coil off the rod. Well were almost harking back to that with
this line. It’s really thick than fluorocarbons of today,
and so it’s really abrasion resistant becauseof that. Which is great. That’s exactly what this is for flipping in
some heavy cover so it’s not gonna get allnicked and wear out on you like other fluorocarbons
would. However because it’s thick it does tend to
coil up on you a little bit. It’s a little hard to manage especially when
you try to cast. Guys, ,if you put this on your reels and you
try to cast with it you’re gonna be disappointed. It it will coil up you will get backlashes
on it. But again this is flipping line is not for
casting. So if you get upset because you don’t get
a cast very well with it, well read the label. It says, “Flippin”. What I’ve done with it though to help manage
a little bit is take some I like some KVDLine-n-Lure spray put that on there. It really helps calm it down little bit. Makes it a lot easier for flipping and pitching. I can pitch this as far as I normally do with
it other line, with other braids. Works just great. And in the clear water the fish can’t even
see it. I’m confident that I’m getting much more bites
out of it, and I can feel it really well becauseit’s fluorocarbon because of the sensitivity. So guys don’t hesitate to give this a shot.

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