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This video demonstrates how we fix chronic shoulder pain. We specialize in chronic muscle, nerve, and joint pain that fails to improve with other therapies (chiropractic, physical therapy, medications, injections, or surgery). With extensive training in the Integrative Diagnosis℠ system, we find and fix adhesion utilizing Manual/Instrument Adhesion Release™.

Adhesion (fibrosis/scar tissue) is connective tissue that develops from trauma and overuse. It acts like glue and sticks tissues together, progressively limiting range of motion and strength. These limitations increase load on joints leading to gradual breakdown (degeneration). Fixing adhesion restores range of motion & strength, reducing pain by decompressing damaged tissue.

The vast majority of chronic pain has decreased range of motion and/or strength, most commonly caused by adhesion. In fact, adhesion is the most common problem in the entire human body. Unfortunately it’s also the most misdiagnosed and ineffectively treated problem. With expert care at Avail, adhesion is completely fixable.

Our success comes from first establishing a complete and accurate diagnosis before applying treatment. If you’ve had pain for more than 3 months and you’ve tried 2 or more therapies with little to no success, you’ve found the right place! See if the information below to contact us for scheduling.

Dr. Holen is a Chiropractor by education, but practices as a Soft Tissue Specialist. Avail Soft Tissue & Spine is the only office on the Western Slope certified in finding and fixing adhesion. Our goal is to continually raise the standard of health care by providing unparalleled value.

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