Shryock Brothers Untapped Ep. 9: BELIEVELAND

♪ I feel excitement in the air tonight ♪♪ The hype is different ♪♪ It’s like the fire’s in this building ♪♪ Got the highest ceiling ♪♪ And all the way up at the top ♪♪ It’s like I’m fly as them ♪♪ We came here to do two things ♪♪ Fight and win ♪♪ Smash a track, I’m at it again ♪♪ Walk my path with my back to the wind ♪♪ My metals up here,
my shoulders up here ♪♪ Next to my worse and
I mess with my head ♪♪ Ignite the world excite the fans ♪♪ Love it when people
get wild in the stands ♪♪ Love it when all of my team can ♪♪ finally feel like we
holdin the power within ♪- We got Lake Erie to our back,we got the city of
Cleveland in front of us. That’s right, Believeland. Fish for some small mouth,
maybe catch a large mouth,and fish right out in front, the stadiums. It’s 42 degrees right now,and it’s probably gonna
warm up to about 65 today. – So, if we were to start the day fishinglike the Cleveland Browns,I think we’d start the day
with no plug in the boat. Then they’d probably
proceed to catch some fish. – No, they wouldn’t. – We fish
like the Browns play,give us a fishing scenario
that would happen. – Start off by losing three
or four four pounders,get our hands on a few
of them, and dump them,and then finish out the
day, with maybe some drum. – Good one. – I haven’t had a single
bite since I got here. – I mean, I’ve caught
those two, but overall,I’m not feeling it. I think there’s a place we can go,or some areas that we can go to,probably catch a few. – The water’s too dirty. When water gets like this,the last thing I want to dois go drag the jig around on the rocks. – I don’t know if it’s too dirty,but I’ve got a couple places we can go. ♪ And I’ll never forget
every second I spent ♪♪ On my grind at the top ♪♪ And I’ll never forget every person ♪♪ Who hated and told me to stop ♪♪ And I’ll never forget
every venue I played ♪♪ Every show I rock ♪♪ Every flow I spit ♪♪ Every beat I drop ♪♪ No need to compete
cause the game is locked ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ I came to tell the truth ♪♪ Tonight the game is changing ♪♪ Because the power that we gain ♪♪ And is amazin’ ♪♪ Can you imagine the voices
of millions of people ♪♪ Unified with one message ♪♪ Scream until they hear you ♪♪ Until the ground shakes ♪♪ Until the waters tremble ♪♪ Until the world knows I’m
playin’ on a higher level ♪♪ It ain’t a game though ♪♪ Is it really ’cause I’m in it ♪♪ And I eat, sleep, breathe and
feel like it’s living in me ♪♪ But really I say that to say this ♪♪ I build for the future
but you lost the abyss ♪♪ The time has come for you ♪♪ So bow down and take a seat ♪♪ I know it’s hard for you
but just accept defeat ♪♪ ’cause me I’m tattooed in history ♪♪ You knew I’d come eventually ♪♪ And now that I’m hear I want one thing ♪♪ Victory ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪- Dude, another fatty. Cleveland, we got you!♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪♪ Roar ♪♪ Roar ♪ ♪ Let ’em hear you roar ♪

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