Sight Fishing for Spawning Largemouth Bass | Best Lure for Bed Fishing – Johns Lake

What’s the best lure for sight fishing for spawning Largemouth Bass? On this day, at Johns Lake in Lake County, Florida, it wasn’t a jig, lizard, or senko… It was a weedless swim jig. Check out the video to see what we caught.

I don’t fish Johns Lake as often as I should. It’s known for producing some giant Largemouth Bass, especially during spawning season. Though we didn’t catch any giants on this day, we had a great time looking at some early spawners. There were spawning beds on literally every shoreline we hit. Unreal!. I’ve been bass fishing for a living for over 20 years, and I’m not sure I’ve seen a lake’s shoreline more covered with Bass beds than Johns Lake is right now. If you like bed fishing for Bass, this is a great place to go…

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