Mega Chomp Chubby Skirted Slider Special Offer

Mega Chomp Chubby Skirted Slider Special Offer!

This will change how you ‘Texas Rig’ forever!

Almost totally weedless skirted bullet weights in front of your favorite soft plastics! Quality, powder painted, full skirted bullet weights, that you can fish in that tree, laydown or grass bed and not get hung up!  Limited supply and we are offering these at this pricing only as a promotion in order to gain exposure for this great family owned lure company from northern Missouri!







Chubby Slider Skirted Bullet Weights
LIst Color Choices 1,2 and 3
List 3 Color Preferences

If you’re a socially active fisherman with a Facebook and/or Instagram account which you post fishing pictures to, go here and apply to be a Mega Chomp ‘Field or Pro Staff’ as they are expanding nation wide!

Mega Chomp Field Staff Apply

Here is the website address for Mega Chomp Lure Co for future orders.!

See some of the best custom made, bass catching lures ever offered! If you have a special color need, they will gladly try and help with skirt colors, even head colors too! Use ‘TCBC25’ for 25% of the already low website prices from this site only!


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