Spring Bass Fishing with Gary Senft

nice bass in the two pound range. . . bring him in here. Oh my gosh it is a heavy one look at thatOh you know when I drop shot I have shown this beforeBut a lot of you are new to the showWhat I do is the bobber stoppers now with. . you know what let’s get this back in there nowThey are spawning so you can see howhow fat this fish was. so let’s let him go. ready? let’s see if he comes up and jumps again well you can see that we caught him on the new bobber stopper drop shot there’s. . I invented this threeyears ago and there’s not a lot of
people that uses the only, I’m probablythe only one that uses it in arizona but
in our bass fishing seminars I taughtthis many times at the Bass Pro Shop
doing this technique that’s a really neat. . . neat technique you know and maybe
later I’ll pull out the bober Stoppersand show you what they look like we’re
just using two bob’s stoppers but one onthe hook on the new put her on hold it
in place so let’s catch another fish andI am just using a bait caster on this onealright so I’ve got 12 pound test line
here but the secret is I gotta swivel on thisis connected to the 12 and I have 8 fluorocarbon
as a leader so you can have as muchthick as line as you want up top tie with a swivel put 8 pound fluorocarbon on their three feetof it , put your worm on, drop shot, you are set to go. So I have a robo worm red crawler on here. so we go through and see if we can get another fish. so we going to fleck out fleck this out in front of the boat. like that, let that go down and hit the bottom. most of the fish are coming close to the shore right nowas we move up the lake you will see that close fishing to the shore. it could be two feet up the bank or it
could be fifteen feet off the bank so, soI’m targeting some of these little coves
like this these little indentations likethis right out there I’m just pitching
right now just pitching right nownot casting it if you can learn how to pitch
your bait is so much better and it’s soaccurate like every time I fleck one out
there i’m looking ahead and what I wantto do nextso everyone says to me at the Bass pro shops where do
you know how to cast were you where doyou place that lure at how do you know what how are you doing it when you look at thebank and you see it’s sandy and all of a
sudden you come to a rocky spot likethis it is a goldmine this fish
migrate to these rock because we don’thave we got some stops here but we don’t
have a lot of Fish here so that rock in thewater over there I’m going to pitch to
that rocked it in the water coming outright up to it like thatpull it off the rock I actually hit on
there and there should be things likethat that’s where they could be
congregate you know and I’m just gonnaI’m just dragging out where I’m not
sitting there and shaking like this I’mjust I’m just pulling it like a Texas
rigged so I miss my drop shot just likea Texas rig. now this is what
happens to most people I take fishing andit happened a lot you have to get in the
mindset that if you pull it in betweenyou stop and you are resting all of a sudden
you feel that tick or something abnormalis happeningset the hook right a way the reason is when
you feel the tick the fish has that baitin his mouth and he’s chewing on it if
you wait to the second tick he spiting itoutso so many people miss their bites so as
soon as you,. . . there’s several ways toset that hook you know I’ll get one here
in a minute and I’ll show you knowcast it out let it go to the bottom sometimes ninety
percent of the time if they see it godown there gonna take itok just went over a rock I am just pulling
along just kinda like a Texas rigor a jig I just pulling that sinker a long.
I’m feeling all those little rock’scoming down the shore line just pulling it pulling it so if I got to there. and I pulled it and I stopped and i felt that
tick you don’t have to rear down and setthe hook hard these hooks are sharp you
know All you got to do is go pop and you get one. we’re gonna just fish a little bit here
and then when I get one on all Show yaI will just say Oop there a bite and
then pop then I got the fish. So now Igot the pressure on so when you see the
little rock piles like thisthese piles come way out on the lake
they come way way way out here so I’mlooking at a big bunch of rocks out here
which are magnets for the fish and Idon’t know if the camera can see that or
not but there’s there’s big ol bouldersand stufffollowing the shore right on down so
usually what you see on the shore comingout on the lake. sense we just got a bite here let’s keep trying this I’m justcoming down that nice sloopyl thing right
there there’s my tapcoming upanother drop shot fishdoing red crawer but you guys can see
that you know how this works with thisweight and the fish were it’s
hooked the weight sitting right onthe worm and right on the right on the
hook you have no more tangles with thismethod at all so I’m just gonna catch
him almost always right there on top ofthe of the fish like that so that they
can be releasedyou know for somebody else to catchso but good method I mean you don’t get
stuck that much if you do you know thefish lights down now I don’t have to now
I don’t have to untangle this messI just have to straighten the worm out
slide it back up with the bober stopperand it’s done. So well let’s get this back
inLet me see if we can get him to jumpNope he wants to go downSo we just going to reposition this worm I Texas rigged
worms I don’t nose hook emSo I am gonna take this and hook it back up 1/8 of an inch on the hookpull it upRemember the trick is make sure that worm
is straight it’s gotta be straight to ifIf you got your worm all waded up. .
there’s my bober stopper onthe bottom might be hard for you to see. I will get a little closer. but it is black I am using ablack one on the bottom and a red one on the top
and it doesn’t matter if they’re both blackit just doesn’t matter so I’m
gonna slide that up and actually that’spretty deep I’m actually catching them today
I’m catching a little bit closer to thebottom eight inches so it’s basically
what I’m doing just you know like thisso let’s go out and get a few more
we are fishing a point right now and if I can get thecamera turned around I’ll show you guys
right here on the corneron these steep steep banks like we’re
looking at right here this a good summerpattern winter and summer pattern that
I’ll throw that bait into 2- 3 feet of waterand then I will pull it off if you look up
the bank you can see how just verticallydrops off on a 90 degree angle so and
I’m gonna pitch this you noticed I’m usinga bait caster again so I switch off
between the spinning and a bait caster so I’m justgonna pitch that up to two feet from the bank now I’m gonna raise my line when you’reblind bows like this you know it on the
bottom cuz it’s only going to drop twoor three feet from turned the boat so
you can see this so it it’s going downand I’m not shaken it cuz they don’t
want a lot some days they want itshook like crazy and some days they
don’t so I actually just pulling thisreal slow just pulling this off and just
going down and it’s bumping the rocks andgoing down the sand I just
keep working it down I am working itdown to about 15 feet today it seems
like after fifteen feet I can’t getbite you know so things like this
where that rock is entering the waterright there I don’t know if you can see
that we’re goes down right and waterthat’s that’s a good place to hit like
that right therebring that across because you got smooth
rock and then you got rocks that areactually pile on that shoreline so we’re
just going to let that go back down butyou never know what you’re gonna find
your fish you just don’t you knowthey can be anywhere like the two we caught were on the other side of the bouy overthere so we got to over there. we’re going to venture back over thatway and see if there’s another one i
mean we’ll try it again it might be goodmaybe there’s two or three over there
where I can get a get another one to biteit so I’m just gonna pitch that out nice
and easyfeel it a little line. lift up because as that bait
sinks sometimes with about 90% of thechance you’re gonna get that bite. nope. . Let’s try it again just gonna keep keep testing you want to testtoo and see how how deep you as you are
coming down and feeling that rock nowWhere I just caught that last when there’s a
lot of little rock down there about 4-5feet off the bank so I’m just gonna go
and down a little bit at a time it I’m not shaking it allI am just pulling it two ways to catch his
fish on the drop shot some days they want itwhere you just kind of shake it like
this you know what goes down and thenthere’s days that they just want that be
just pulled down the mountain so I’mgonna get back out to 10 feet I’m gonna
throw it back up again right up there. right were I caught that other one. and just see what happensjustjust can’t let that real slow remember
they’re just coming out of spawn they’rejust they’re not even spawned they’re
moving up to spawncoming out a deep water a lot of them
and they wanna move up the buck bass arelooking for a place to spawn so so I’m
only sitting in the nine feet of water. I’mpretty close to the bank now normally I
like to keep my boat in 15 feet, twentyfeet at least unless I am Fishing real
deep so I look for spots to throw likei’m looking up there where it’s coming
out on the rock up there so I’m gonnathrow up there like that right there and
I’m just gonna let that go downlift up my rod because sometimes when
its bottom the fish is already on it. so Ijust kinda pull that downwe could have caught the only two fish on the bank who knows. there’s a lot more along here thou. we came a long this steep stuff. I like Fishing this in thesummertime see how steep it is. I
like drop shotting it and Texas rigging. throwing jigs on this bank you know It is just a time when they after they spawncome up here and as long as the shad is
here they’ll pull up on this bank butyou know you can’t go wrong with the
point coming down on the side of amountain you know you don’t know where
to fish either fish big rocks or fishpoints coming down that that’s that’s
just a no-brainer right there sodid you get that hook set. little sucker huhhe is jumpingHe doing his acrobats for usAlright in the boat oh gosh that is a fattywhoops!Did he keep my hook?No hook in there. all right should we let this one go. Comin up at the back of the boat another nice fishboy they fight hard in the springtime like this Nice fish so if this drop shot method that you
actually can screen around in like thisand look were we caught themright there, there is my drop shot right there I will reach-in WowIf I can get my finger in there and get out the hook It’s a nice Bartlett lake bass pound, pound and a half. It’s a fun day I tell you when the springtime
like this it’s great so let’s just lethim go see if we can get him jump again
he is gonna go down. we’re gonna give thisWe are coming to give this point just a little bit more
because it’s so good and I have caughtfish off this point you know so we’re
just dragging and after off the groundthere’s my tap let’s get him in we are go
here in a minute but this drop shot has been so good todaymight be a little one but
that’s ok no it’s a pretty good sizedone oh my goshthat is not a bad fish look at that nice for calling our show anyway
thank you for tuning in with Fishingwith Gary Senft thanks to Opal Images Dave Jones thank you for allowing us tobring these videos to you tell your
friends to watch we do appreciateyou watching and we love bringing these
to you Bartlett Lake mid-march tune infor the next one drop shot.

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