Stephen English webinar: A plague on all our houses – How to repair some of the damage

The piworld Thursday webinar with Stephen English.

Stephen gives us his interpretation of the current COVID-19 markets and his investing strategy to navigate where we’re at. Peppered with Stephen’s wry humour, and full of investing gems. It’s superb!

Intro – 00:19
Give us a very short overview of your background – 00:42
What’s your thoughts on the current market, did you see it coming? – 01:17
Do you think the market has hit the bottom? – 04:17
What is your strategy? – 16:50
Has this changed the business case for any companies you hold? – 24:25
Liquidity: Could you sell if you wanted to? – 27:13
Who will be the winners? – 31:29
Who will be the losers? – 39:29
What are you looking for in companies? – 44:46
Do you think there will be a credit squeeze, everyone holding onto their cash, so severe cashflow pressure? – 46:54
Will there be more M&A: survival of the fittest? Do you see this in any specific sector? – 47:46
What sort of recovery do you think we will have? U, V, W, L or a letter that doesn’t exist? – 50:57
And what structurally will change? (Supply chain, etc) – 54:11
How will government monetary and fiscal policy be financed? Do you think the IHT BPR status is in danger, or other taxes imposed? – 57:15
Q & A 1:02:43

Companies mentioned: Tristel (TSTL). Accrol (ACRL). Smart Metering Systems (SMS). Begbies Traynor (BEG). FRP Advisory (FRP). Strix (KETL). Tracsis (TRCS). Oxford Metrics (OMG). Shoe Zone (SHOE). K3 Business Technology (KBT) Alliance Pharma (APH). EMIS (EMIS). The Property Franchise Group (TPFG). Hollywood Bowl (BOWL). RA International (RAI).

About Stephen English
Stephen is a Director of Investment Services, at Blankstone Sington. Stephen has managed Blankstone Sington’s award-winning AIM IHT service since inception in 2010. He’s an avid student of markets, authoring his own 12-page investment philosophy, he believes that investing is more ‘art than science’. Stephen is a Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute for Securities & Investments (CISI) and a CFA Charterholder.


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