Summer Bass and Pickerel (Lily Pads Galore)

nice bass! oh! Its a two pound bass. thistle
be the smallest one Ive caught in the pastweek. is that one on video. i got it on video.
I caught 4 fish two days ago. whoop! as youcan see, i pulled up to this little lily line
right here and I cast that salamander alongthat line and was hooked up. But the problem
was I was fishing light tackle and right thereI pulled off. They go into these weeds. the
average bass in this pond is 2 to 3 pounds,some of them pushing 8 to 9 and when you get
pulled into those weeds. you got no chance. so what you’re gonna see here is me and some
pike going at it. there gonna take my bait,rip me off and then finally at the. . . uh. here
we go again, here we go again. down this line. i though i had this guy. i had him kind of
out of the. . . oh! snapped off. I though thatguy was gonna make it. now i don’t know which
ones of these bites are bass and which onesare pickerel. but ultimately i catch a pickerel.
Um but you’re watching is the struggle. itwas an absolute struggle. I knew there were
fish right along this line. this line of lilypads. and even like to cast into in the lower
left corner of the frame where the lily padsare kind of sparse. i noticed there were a
lot of fish hiding in there. as you can seeright now I’m casting in there, oooh bang!.
hook up! Aw, snap off!. I was fishing 15 poundstest leader, 10 pound test braid so things. . .
this was like the third time fishing thislake so things did not exactly go as well
as they could have. I could have boated 4or 5 fish. But, uh, at the end here you’re
gonna see a pretty good pay off. Right here,i was reexamining my life, trying to figure
out how I’m gonna rip these fish out of thefreaking, god damned lily pads. right now,
I get a little bit aggressive and go a littledeeper into the shade because that heat was
so intense. Hadn’t had a bite in a while,you can see the sun starting to go down. then,
all the sudden, i get whammed. absolutelywhammed! This thing’s fighting me. i was able
to. oops. and he was gone. that was the fuckingworst. at that point i was considering turning
around. These fish were absolutely beatingmy ass right now. the light tackle was not
able to stand up to these thick, thick plants. Um right here, decided to keep chugging, staying
a little bit away from the weeds. trying towork the line and get a fish to kind of pop
its head out and uh as you’re about to seeit works pretty well. This is my second or
third cast after I lost that fish. moralewas down. oh and there he goes. yanked. and
you can tell by the grunt I was not lettinghim. i had the drag tightened down so hard.
and, unfortunately you cannot see him herebut it is a pickerel. a nice sized pickerel.
really nice sized. like right now I’m realizing,i knew the pickerel citation was 24 inches.
right now I’m realizing like, I gotta getthis guy measured. so I’m looking around on
my kayak right now and i have nothing to measureit with, but my car is literally like a 2
minute paddle. so i rush over. i park thecar. this is me rushing to my truck where
i left my scale like an idiot. i knew thisthing was close to citation. I believe I needed
24 and, unfortunately my camera is not angleddown far enough, but he was 22 inches. I was
pretty disappointed. I keep looking back andforth as you can see. cmon be 24!.

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