Super Sonic Shaky Head for Bass

Hey, I’m Jeff Kriet with Wired2Fish. After
the fish spawn and they move out on the ledgesand all that I love to throw a football jig,
a big worm, a Carolina rig, and a big crankbait. But there’s times when that bite gets tough one
of my go to ways to fish out there on those ledges is I’lltake this head right here, which is Jewel
head, and its kind of super sonic shaky headfishing. This hook is a 5/0 hook and this
is the Big Bite Trick Stick along with otherbaits that work too. I like a long kind of
do nothing bait on this head. What I’ll dois when the fishing gets tough I’ll go back
threw and throw this on the same places Iwould throw that big football jig and things
like that. A lot of times I can pick up morefish after I’ve already be on em’. When it’s
really tough, this is a go to deal right here. Sotry it and it’s just one of the things when
I’m fishing ledges that I will always havein my boat. It’s finesse, but it’s still big.
I mean I’m using a 7′ – 7’2″ rod, 15-poundtest line, and a big head. This is a 3/8-ounce
head. You can use a 1/2-ounce or whateversize you want. It’s the same type of deal
with a shaky head. I’m going to throw it outthere, let it hit the bottom, pull it around
till I get in the rocks, and then I’m justgoing to shake it. They’ll bite it the same
way they’ll bite a shaky head. Be sure toreel up and get that line tight, and then
lean into em’. But try it! I call it the supersonic shaking. When I throw this bait I’m going to pull it
kind of like I would a football jig or somethinglike that. But once I get this bait in rock
I’m going to shake it on that spot. This isa really good finesse style approach, but
it still catches big ones. I’ve caught a lotof fish on this bait at like Falcon Lake and
places like that. At Toledo Bend last yearat the Elite Tournament I caught a lot of
my fish on this when it would get tough.

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