Swimbait Fishing – Big Bass Dreams The Beginning Part 1

Watch as we battle trophy class largemouth up to 13lbs and experience the Big Bass Dreams each and every one of us have had!!! Be one of the first to view the first volume in this very special project. The effort and production in this movie is unlike anything that bass fishing has ever seen. This isn’t your standard fishing tv show or movie. It’s a modern perspective that the world needs to see. Something different than what we have been fed all our lives. There’s more to bass fishing than catching “keepers” or a “limit”. This is a direct reflection of the anglers featured in this special project. Passion and energy, excitement and frustration, highs and lows. It’s sure to keep you engaged from start to finish.

This is a re-cut and extended look into the FIRST Big Bass Dreams Film project with added scenes that started “The Movement” back in 2013. Be sure to watch our second film, “Big Bass Dreams – The Movement” released in 2016.

Part 2 to follow! Subscribe to the Channel so you don’t miss it! #BigBassDreams


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