Table Rock Fall Division of USA Bassin Nov 18th, Mill Creek Ramp

Started out in the low 60’s at 7 am takeoff, then turned into 40 degrees and 35 mph wind gusts and spitting rain by 3 pm weigh in!
Was a good day, as the two biggest bass were 4.86 and 4.47 lbs, and top bag was 10.79 lbs(with .50 lb penalty) brought to the scales by the team of #JackStack and #DickMoger, and second was only 5/100th of a pound, at 10.75 lbs, by team #AllenMcMillin and #RobCatlett! Was fun but the wind made it quite a challenge in loading up, as you’ll see in the last 10-15 seconds of this short video!

Thanks for viewing and please like and share with all your bass fishing friends. #RandyYancey, Bass Angler and Table Rock Fall Division Director of USA Bassin National Fishing Trail! Come fish with us!!


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