Table Rock North division of USA Bassin Announces Gear Giveaway & Raffle

Table Rock North division of USA Bassin Announces Gear Giveaway & Raffle! Spring Season 2019

Earn Free or Buy Raffle Tickets for Quality Fishing Lures/Gear! 

Raffle Tickets Can be bought or earned free but only at Table Rock North division, MO14 tournaments!

$250 ‘Megabass of America’ Lure Coupon for items from their website www.megabass.com !

$100 Rapala/Storm Coupon for items from their website, www.rapala.com

$75 Mega Chomp Lure Company Coupon for their custom made lures from their website, www.megachomplureco.com 

$50 Okeechobee ‘Fat Boy’ Tackle Bag with (2) 3700 size Utility boxes included (holds 4 total) !

Earn Free Raffle Tickets for for every tournament fished within the Table Rock North division schedule!

Fish 1 tournament, 1 free tickets!

2nd tournament fished, 3 free tickets!

3rd tournament fished, 5 free tickets!

4th tournament fished, 8 free tickets!

5th tournament fished, 10 free raffle tickets!

The more you fish, the more raffle tickets you get for free.

Each team then can buy additional raffle tickets only at tournaments they enter at a rate of 3 for $5.00 or 7 for $10!

Tickets will be sold at our May 4th OPEN at Aunts Creek at a rate of 2 for $6 or 4 for $10!  Maximum of 10 can be purchased!  No free tickets for entry however, and must be present at the June 9th weigh in at Cape Fair Marina, to win if your number(s) is drawn!!

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