Table Rock North Tourney of USA Bassin, May 26th , 2018

It started as a foggy overcast day on the water. Topwater was on but my mistake was to stay on top with a chugger when the bigger fish were below feeding on the carnage of a dozen boils above. Should have thrown a jerkbait or a lipless burned below the action! That’s what I love about fishing! Each hour is a new day of fishing as the fog burns off the fish go deeper. I ended up loosing a couple bigger fish and caught two decent keepers, 1 kentucky and a nice smallmouth! Those were both caught on a bottom bouncing lure, a watermelon tube lure. Even that presentation required an adjustment! I stained the watermelon gitzit with a dye pen, in orange and then I began to catch the bigger fish. This was our final tournament of the Table Rock north division of USA Bassin national fishing trail, for spring, and it took over 15.5 lbs to win it! Congratulations to Kevin and Bryan Jackson as they took the win And big bass with a nice 5.23 lb largemouth! Watch for our summer series beginning soon!


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