Tenkara Drop Shotting

After some conversation with Chris from and some research on the web, I decided to give drop shotting a try.

It does several things. It simplifies fly tying……no weight needed on the fly. It allows for multiple fly rigs (I’m not totally convinced I actually catch more fish on these yet). It positions the bottom fly better in relation to the position of the fish, and it reduces hang ups on the bottom. In fact I had zero fly losses to the bottom today. It also allows for easy weight changes relative to water depth and speed without the need to retie your flies.

You’ll want to make sure this is legal in your state before you try this. It is in NY with some exceptions (for example lake Ontario tributaries) so do you research before you use this technique.

One final thing about this technique is that it will work with virtually any rod you use, spinning, fly, tenkara, etc.

Here are a few youtube videos that I think do a great job explaining the technique:


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